Master CheeseSmith 28 Οκτ, 2012 @ 1:06πμ
Reset stats
Hey guys i purchased this games ages ago and just reinstalled it today and much to mu supprise it has saved my best times and all my stats.
All i want to do is reset everything back and start from scratch again, is that possible with this game?
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lena♥ 28 Οκτ, 2012 @ 6:14πμ 
yea, i think ur steam cloud is on... turn it off (right mouse click on the game in steam libary)
ToXy JacK' 22 Σεπ @ 6:29πμ 
I'm in the other side of the problem, I've been playing hard, I was playing and *poof* welcome windows screen ! With an error message like "Graphics problemes, sry... ".
And when I tried to relaunch the game and take back my achievement, there was nothing Oo'
Juste " start a new game " ... How can I do ? =/
clamatac 15 Δεκ @ 12:52μμ 
If you disable steam cloud you can start again from cero?

ok, if after the reset you want to sync this new game updates, how you do it? turning on steam-cloun on again? but then what it will be sync? the previous game or the new game?
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