Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Polioliolio 2013年1月25日上午4:40
Why isn't this included in the 75% off sale?
I have been waiting for a better deal on this game. Honestly 50% is great, but it's not the price I want to pay for two copies of the game, one for me and one to play with a friend.

Just wondering why every other Tomb Raider game is 75% off, except this one... Hm..
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Good Cake 2013年1月25日上午9:33 
I was wondering that too, my guess is because it's not part of "Tomb Raider" series, seems to be same developer & publishers as the rest of the franchise though, so it's a bit weird.

Perhaps forgot it or perhaps want to squeeze as much money out of this awesome game. Been waiting for a nice deal for it aswell.
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Uplink 2013年1月25日上午9:37 
yup waiting for it too pretty lame :(
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DdYyLlAaNn 2013年1月25日上午11:33 
Its because you get it free with the Tomb Raider preorder and they didn't want to devalue the bonus. People would complain either way so its a lose lose for Valve
AugustoIV 2013年2月10日上午10:06 
Because this is not a Tomb Raider game.
Zodasaur 2013年2月27日下午9:03 
引用自 LuisTRCol
Because this is not a Tomb Raider game.

At what point does Lara become a T. Raider then?
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