Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

JediDiah 31 dic 2012, ore 20:18
Co op working?
Has anyone played co op? Does it work at all?
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theWizardsBaker 31 dic 2012, ore 21:06 
Nope. It's broken (and has been for a very long time)
Phillip 4 gen 2013, ore 12:43 
It works for me, be sure to open ports, etc.. on your firewall-Router.
GodWood (Ger) 19 gen 2013, ore 11:50 
what ports?
R234 5 feb 2013, ore 19:27 
...Yeah, what ports?
Johnny Spoiler 6 feb 2013, ore 9:06 
I have close my firewall and thats not work... I but this game and will play now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pandora's Choice 8 feb 2013, ore 10:37 
for me it works too played three lvl in co op but then was something wrong with the connection i'll try again later.
spoderman 13 feb 2013, ore 11:21 
I'd also like to know what ports to open. I played this game a year ago, had no problems playing with my friend online. Now, I can't connect to him or anyone else. I've disabled my firewall, so that can't be it. I've tried everything.. so unless there are some specific ports that I can open, the multiplayer is broken for me, when it wasn't broken about a year ago.
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