Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

thoma5nator[ENG] 2014年1月30日下午2:04
Sign here if you crossed the river the hard way!
*signs* Me and my friend were playing the 360 version and couldn't see how to get across without landing in the water in the second level.
We didn't explore the map much past the back of the temple so the only crossing we knew of was to use the two boulders that dropped as makeshift stepping stones, unaware that upstream was the place the devs intended you to cross at.
45 minutes later, we had somehow managed to make it across said wide gap. We got it, sure, but later on, we found where we were supposed to cross, and were bangin our heads on the walls.
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BADFISH 2014年1月30日下午2:25 
go to the north side of the river thers platforms 2 jump across
thoma5nator[ENG] 2014年1月30日下午3:41 
we wish we'd have known that earlier... XD!
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