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TheRepublic Feb 22, 2014 @ 4:20pm
What would you like the see in Bad Rats 2?
I'll start: Lore of the King Rat. Maybe some Skyrim-like books placed around the game that are totally optional, but allow you to delve deeper into the background of each rat.

Disclaimer: Bad Rats 1 narrative brilliance is through its subtlety. However, I think Bad Rats 2 can prosper with the opposite approach.
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Seanobi Feb 24, 2014 @ 9:14am 
Bad Rats 2, an entirely new concept for Bad Rats! An open world game, where you can enter into houses, yards, and kitchens, that are super huge compared to your size, since of course, you are a rat; a Bad Rat! Now instead of terrorizing cats, you are terrorizing the house and eventually the whole neighborhood in a full 3-D world with a third person camera mode!

Create and customize your Bad Rat as you delve deep into single player, or take it to the next level with Co-op locally, or online with a friend with up to 4 Bad Rats in total!

Not enough?! Level up your Bad Rat skills in the deathmatch mode, or CTC (Capture The Cheese!) with up to a total of 16 players!

Got something to prove personally?! Go head-to-head, one on one, with the new Bad Rat Showdown, or play the new and improved Free For All anywhere from 4 to 16 players, with drop-in/drop-out sessions to constantly retain the competition!

And not only that, but you get a new update every Sunday SUNDAY Sundayyyy!!!

Bad Rats 2, How BAD of a Rat are YOU?! *CRASH!*

~Rated M for Mature...
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