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HedgehogUK Feb 8 @ 12:47pm
Fun game. Dark humour.
Definately not one for cat lovers. I can't believe they got away with the Muslim suicide bomber rat.
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GoldAnthro Feb 9 @ 11:02am 
The art style and violence makes me think of postal 2 XD
HedgehogUK Feb 9 @ 11:11pm 
Yeah, there is a certain similarity. BTW, does anyone know how I can make sure that any changes I make to the Options are saved. I get fed up of having to alter the resolution from 1024x to 1240x every time I start up the game. I can't find any obvious config file that I can edit. Cheers.
stylezwest Feb 12 @ 6:20pm 
i think adding blood and body parts is very disturbing. i play violent games but not with animals getting snuffed... ill let this one slide.. :)
Kutar FOX Feb 20 @ 8:37pm 
Even though I find killing cats very distasteful, I tried not to get offended and enjoy the game as it is. I acknowledge efforts put into making this game and puzzles weren't actually bad at all (minus physics being random.)
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