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Jatheish  [developer] Sep 24, 2015 @ 8:17am
The Last Stand -- Version: 9.1 - Pre-Champs - 10/20/15 - Progress Update!
A video overview of the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ Tournaments thus far, along with a preview of “The Last Stand!”


Championship Latest Update

ARK Survival of the Fittest servers are now up and running the Championship-ready build! So this means that for any team who wishes to practice before Saturday's big game, you'll have your chance!

Wednesday Pre-Championship Day 03 Update


Hey Survivors!

We’re now at the end of our Pre-Championship phase, after a week of intense battles we’re excited to prepare for our Championship game! The 5-hour match is set to launch at 2PM EST on Saturday the 24th of October and will feature over 240 players and will be streamed live with commentary at - be sure to tune in as the best SotF players in the world compete for a ton of prizes, worth $75,000, and get involved with the process by influencing the outcome of the game with your Evolution Event votes! (The server will open to contestants, for Tribe setup, at 12pm EST.)

Qualified Players

After today’s two Loser Bracket Games, these are the open contestants who’ve made it all the way to the Championship:

Loser Bracket Qualified Players

Just a reminder that teams are not locked for the Finale -- during the Finale pre-match lobby, qualified players will be granted the opportunity and plenty of time to swap or combine Tribes with others who are also playing in the Finale. Keep in mind that the tribe maximum is set to 6 PLAYERS and alliances will not be tolerated during the event, those found to be forming alliances during battle will find themselves escorted off the ARK by security ;).

All qualified Survivors should be on the lookout for a special friends request and an invite to a private Steam Group. It’s very critical you accept both the friend request and the group invite as it’ll be a place where we’ll be able to directly inform you about anything regarding the Tournament. Those will come out from tonight and tomorrow. If you do not receive one by Thursday Evening please do not hesitate to contact Wildcard Jat and he will sort that out for you.

What’s up for grabs!

Survivors will be competing not only for this fantastic trophy with their names embedded onto the plaque, pride, and bragging rights, but also a whole heap worth of goodies from our fantastic sponsors! Special thanks to NVIDIA, Logitech, CyberPower PC and special thanks to Nitrado for hooking us up with a beast machine to host the event on!

And as for a more detailed look into what will be awarded to the winners….

First Place

$24,000 - Cash Prize ($4,000 each)
Syber Vapor PC from CyberPower PC! (1 Each)
G410 Atlas Spectrum Logitech Gaming Keyboard (1 Each)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti (1 Each)
Unique Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand 1st Place Trophy (1 Each)

Second Place

$12,000 Cash Prize ($2,000 each)
G402 Hyperion Fury Logitech Gaming Mouse (1 Each)
Unique Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand 2nd Place Trophy (1 Each)

Third Place

$6,000 Cash Prize ($1,000 each)
G440 Logitech Gaming Mouse (1 Each)
Unique Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand 3rd Place Trophy (1 Each)

And every participant who participates in the Grand Finale will receive a 100$ Steam Giftcard!

Dry Run

Starting Thursday and through Saturday, the official Survival of the Fittest servers will be reduced to four 100-player servers with 6-player Tribes, and using the final Last Stand Tournament build. We encourage entrants to use these practice their skills and hone their strategies before Saturday’s home! And this Friday we’ll also be launching a special SotF Server for a quick 2.5-hour Dry-Run of our broadcasting setup! It’ll be open to anyone & everyone to participate, not just Last Stat contestants. If there are technical difficulties during the game, we will just proceed to restart and relaunch, perhaps adjusting the length of the game if we feel fit! Each member from the winning tribe of the game will each receive a 100$ Steam Wallet Gift-card!

Be on the lookout for more details Friday, as well as an in game broadcast!

Game Changes

For the most up to date version of the build, check out the changelog section for ARK: Survival of the Fittest Total Conversion mod!


Those who watched the stream noticed we had a mid-game disqualification during the Pre-Championship match. The tribe Bumbi was accused of ESP use, and removed from the game pending investigation.

We want to address this publicly, because it’s important to us that people know what went down.

During any tournament game, especially these pre-championships, we have staff members monitor the game for suspicious behavior. Several people alerted us to the Megapithecus Rampage, and we already had a number of people spectating it, along with BikeMan’s and our own coverage. It was deemed in the moment to be sufficiently concerning that in the interest of protecting the integrity of the tournament pre-finals, and not potentially jeopardizing all of the other players who were participating, we disqualified them and removed them from the game.

To get an idea of what we were seeing, you can check BikeMan’s VOD at 3:08:40:

We put this here just so that people understand what it was that we were looking at, and why we took what actions we did during the live session where we had to make a real-time decision based on what we were witnessing combined with historical monitoring.

Upon further review of the evidence, including alternate vantage points, and several conversations with the members of the team, we are sufficiently convinced that their actions in this instance were more likely the use of extremely low draw distances, not ESP or any kind of third party program. We want to officially clear them of any suspicion in this regard, and apologize for any misunderstanding.

We will be resolving the draw distance issues as of the next tournament match, so that this will no longer be an issue. Draw Distances will be automatically enforced in the application to a standard minimum-distance when playing SotF.

Additionally, we will be qualifying Bumbi for the Finale which will be monitored from all vantage points, and will be expanding the Finale player pool by six players, so that no potential qualifying slots are taken up by their inclusion. We believe that their gameplay during the match and their incredibly strong position in the game at the time of disqualification warrants this.

Keep in mind that we are always watching. Use of exploits in game mechanics or settings are taken just as seriously as hacks or 3rd party programs, and we will not hesitate to disqualify people that use these. We review every case very seriously, and very closely.

Hey, it wouldn’t be a proper sport without a little referee-controversy, right? In all seriousness though, we appreciate everyone’s understanding that we’re still growing our experience with competitive gaming through Survival of the Fittest!


Something we’d like to ask is everyone who participates adheres to the general philosophy of sportsmanship. Stream sniping and teaming will not be taken lightly and will be cause for immediate disqualification, and these games will be heavily monitored. We also frown upon exploiting game bugs to victory, if there is a situation where it looks like a glitch could be exploited that would significantly skew the contest results, we may consider a real-time banning of the offender from the match. An example of this would be finding a way to hide inside a rock and shooting your enemies without being seen. Hopefully we won’t run into any of those incidents and everyone has a fun and fair time! Studio Wildcard will also hold total and complete discretion in making decisions regarding disqualification from the tournament. Survivors are also advised to take care when naming their characters and tribes, while we appreciate the colourful names many of you choose to use -- please try to keep some semblance of decency, highly explicit and offensive names may be removed from the tournament at our discretion ;)

By participating in the Pre Championships and the Grand Finale, you acknowledge the terms highlighted above and completely agree to them.

See you on the ARK, Survivor!

I hope that clears up some of the changes we’ve made regarding the game mode and you guys are able to have a better picture of what you’re getting involved in! We hope you all have a great tournament, enjoy yourselves and enjoy the game mode! Good luck to all participants and may the best tribe win!

All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK Survival Evolved Team!



Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand

Survivors! Some very exciting news. We’re proud to announce that today is the start of our biggest and fiercest tournament to date, with over $60,000 in prizes!

‘The Last Stand’ will be the final Survival of the Fittest event to take place in 2015. Its open preliminaries will start from September 24th and the event will end with a championship match, featuring 230 survivors on October 24th. During the course of the event we will be periodically be showing streams of the competitions when the servers are live at

Survivors will be able to get a chance to qualify for the tournament by participating and winning in the preliminary rounds. These will be open to all gamers from Noon EST to 8PM EST on the following days:

Thursday, September 24 and Saturday, September 26
Tuesday, September 29, Thursday, October 1 and Saturday, October 3
Tuesday, October 6 and Thursday, October 8 and Saturday, October 10
Tuesday, October 13 and Thursday, October 15

The winning tribes from the Preliminary rounds will be exclusively invited to the ‘Last Stand Pre-Championships’ which is being held from Noon - 8PM EST, on the following days from which the top 160 finale contestants will be selected!

Sunday, October 18 and Tuesday, October 20 and Wednesday October 21st

After the 160 final survivors have been selected, they’ll go head to head with and against 70 Twitch streamers in an epic and ultimate tournament which is scheduled to take place on:

Saturday, October 24th

Prizes for ‘The Last Stand’ October 24th Championship Include:

First Place Winning Tribe receives: $24,000 (split six ways)
Second Place Winning Tribe receives: $12,000 (split six ways)
Third Place Winning Tribe receives: $6,000 (split six ways)
Each of ‘The Last Stand’ 230 entrants receives a $100 Steam Gift Card
All three Championship Winning Tribes will receive an in-game Gold/Silver/Bronze Trophy Structure Skin, customized with their Tribe details, for everyone to marvel at with envy!

Unlike the regular Survival of the Fittest, The Last Stand will feature some new changes! These include;

Three Boss Creatures!

At key points through the match, each Boss makes an appearance available for taming at the central platform. That includes the Broodmother, the Dragon, and the previously unrevealed Giant Ape, who can easily smash through forests and throw huge boulders to demolish survivors and their dinosaurs.

Six Player Tribes
Stay in competition longer as extra-large teams have more chances to claim victory!

Improved Competitive Game Balance!
This time, you won’t advance by hiding in a box. ;)

Four New Evolution Events: The world-altering events are triggered by player-voting so that the audience can participate in the action!
Acid Rain: Seek cover! This red-tinted rain won’t quench your thirst, but it will chew through your armor and slowly sap your Health!
I Love You, You Love Me: Mate-Boost effects are doubled! An ideal time to launch your assault with gender-paired creatures, but be careful about wild mates, as they can be extra dangerous.
Hail to the King: A powerful explosive item is dropped at every player’s position… use it wisely!
Food of the Gods: This extra-special Mega Loot crate contains instant-taming Feed.

Good luck to all those who enter and may the fittest survivor win!

All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK Survival Evolved Team


Archived Notes from Preliminary Days

15/10/15 Patch Notes -- Version 7.0

* Added Four new Evolution Events!
- Acid Rain: Seek cover! This red-tinted rain won't quench your thirst, but it will chew through your armor and slowly sap your Health!
- I Love You, You Love Me: Mate-Boost effects are doubled! An ideal time to launch your assault with gender-paired creatures, but be careful about wild mates, as they can be extra dangerous.
- Hail to the King: A powerful explosive item is dropped at every player's position... use it wisely!
- Food of the Gods: This extra-special Mega Loot crate contains instant-taming Feed.
* Made 'Food of the Gods' spoil at 1.0 speed in Dino Inventories (unlike normal food which spoils more slowly)
* Fixed missing sublevels
* Increased size and adjusted position of spectator list, and color-coded spectator list

Patch Notes for Version 5.6 - 13/10/15

* Shotguns receive a damage buff
* Ant and Dragonfly Death Animations Fixed
* Crossbow has increased damage and provides armour piercing
* Poison gas trap is buffed versus players

10/10/2015 - Patch Notes for Version 5.5

* Pistol, Machined Pistol, and Shotgun effectively Durabilities decreased, and Weight increased
* Pistol aim accuracy decreased
* Longneck Rifle effective Durability increased (to ~10 shots)
* Rocket Launcher Weight increased
* Dragon more effective at knocking down trees while flying

Patch Notes for 5.4 - 10/08/15

* 50% chance of either Broodmother or Megapithecus at 30% gametime, rather than both
* Superloot Crates will appear every 5 minutes after Sudden Death
* Survivor Trackers won't occur while any Boss is tamed
* Player Damage Resistance increased by 15%

10/07/15 - Patch Notes for SoTF 5.3

* Spectators can now text-filter and sort by players/tribes
* Multiple spawnpoints in lobby.
* Fixed minion spider web aiming and 10% damage buff
* Reduced throwing spear damage by 25%
* Reduced Broodmother damage by 33%
* Reduced Broodmother and ape HP's by 60%
* Raptors hp scaling reduced by 15%, damage reduced by 5%
* 20% Longneck rifle dmg increase

10/06/15 Patch Notes

* 6 Player Tribe/Notification/HUD support! The Preliminary Servers will be using 6 Player Tribes from now on!
* Added Megapithecus and Broodmother Timed Evolution Events!
* Added Freepaint Warpainting! Select the "Colorize" use option from any ally character. Instantly paint with any colors and load up whatever templates you want on your characters and your dinos to make your Tribe look distinct among competitors (including saved character proportion presets). Keep yourself amused during the pregame!

* Six new Evolution Events and new creatures added from the regular ARK!

ALSO IN v5.0:
* Weapons no longer scale with character hand size: no need for big handed characters anymore ;)
* Reduced Megacold by about 15%
* Increased max thrown spear damage by 20%
* Made Gigantopithecus quicker to tame, more common, and increased their HP
* Made Sabers quicker to tame
* Made Carnos take longer to tame
* Made guns 20% more effective against dinos
* Reduced Structure Damage Resistance by 25%
* Reduced Tamed Dinos Damage Resistance by 15%
* Reduced Tamed Dinos Damage by 10%
German SoTF Patchnotes![]

[10/03/15 - Patch Notes]

* Rocket Launcher now breaks in two shots
* Increased Compound Bow DMG by 30%
* Made Evo Events MegaHeat and MegaCold about 30% more severe
* Increased gun damage vs dinos by 30%
* Raised saber tame time by 15%, reduced saber damage and HP by 15%
* Reduced trike tame time by 15%
* Dragon melee increased dmg by 20%
* Bronto dmg & HP decreased by 15%, tame time increased by 10%
* Longneck rifle 10% more dmg
* All Tamed Dinos dmg increased by 10%, Resistance decreased by 10%
* Ptero and Argentavis dmg increased by 10% respectively


Patch Notes

* Flyer Stamina increased by 40%
* Melee spear Damage increased by 15%, Thrown Spear Damage by 40%
* Bow Durability decreased by 40%
* Structure Damage Resistance Decreased by 25%
* Parachute Crafting Requirements reduced by 33%
* Gigantopithecus taming time reduced by 33%, HP increased by 15%
* Longneck rifle damage increased by 15%
* Shotgun damage increased by 15%
* Bronto HP increased by 20%
* Raptor Tame time increased by 15%
* Trikes and Stegos run much faster, Stego HP and Damage increased by 25%, Stego Tame time reduced by 20%
* Bats and Snakes are much more dangerous


Hey Survivors!

The servers are currently being setup and will be online very shortly, due to the changes made in ARK for version 216, we had to repack the game media for SoTF, so you guys will be required to update your SoTF content before being able to join a new game.

These are the patch-notes for upcoming SoTF preliminaries.

SoTF 4.0 Patchnotes

* Lots of rendering/memory/streaming optimizations
* Cross-hairs enabled
* Sabertooth takes about 40% longer to tame and has approximately 40% damage reduction
* Gigantopithecus is approximately 33% quicker to take
* Fixed Rocket Launcher third person reload animation blending
* Reduced Damage on Compound (Metal) arrows by 30%
* Stegosaurus is about 20% quicker to Tame and does 15% more damage
* Repacked pertinent game media (causing a larger download), was necessary to override all ARK v216 level media.
* SoTF Crashes that effected the game-mode on Saturday have been resolved.
* Players who are eliminated/destroyed/logged-off are now still listed on Surviving Tribes Overlay (as long as the Tribe has ANY living members).
* Reduced Longneck dmg by 50%, added 1 more metal ingot required for simple rifle ammo
* Tamed Dino DMG increased by 10%
* C4 & Tripwire explosive damage increased by 80%
* Structure Resistance decreased by 25% (takes more damage)
* Dimorphodon collisions fixed, Health increased by 20%
* Dragon now has a notification when it has fully arrived and is ready for Taming
* Added another Mega Loot Crate at 100% game time (when the ring of death is fully enclosed)
* Reduced intensity of "Beast Within" Fog

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