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jay_rab Mar 30, 2015 @ 11:39am
Official Suggestion List
Give us your suggestions on what you would like changed or added, we have already had a batch of great suggestions get into our first official update so be sure to add your suggestions here.

As a side note please keep post in this thread directly related to suggestions and not questions, feel free to ask in the general forum about how to do something and if you find out its not doable currently then suggest it here

-Steam Workshop (this is a highly requested feature and agree to the value that it would be for the community)
-Multiple Text Box Windows***
-Branch Preview Tree to show how dialog is connected to what routes
-Compile directly to an APK ready for Android publishing
-Configurable Keyboard Shortcuts
-Steamworks support "Achievements"
-Save As for multiple project versions (highly requested feature) and the ability to save outside of the default folder.
-Colored Names for Characters speaking***
-Rich Text Editing like Italics and Centering Fonts***
-Grouping Components or -Indenting branched segments
-Text Shadows***
-Add sound effects to each of the buttons
- The ability to add more buttons to the menu. The backlog for example.***
-Export and import save game, for someone who want to make an episodic visual novel
-Prevent Multiple text box components from merging if there are no other component types between them.
-Easy localization / Multi-language support
-Use #image.png in place of #name for character names that are talking and the ability to set where they show up *** (this is an advanced feature, in the meantime please see http://steamcommunity.com/app/345370/discussions/1/483367798514457894/#c483367798517786354 on how to create an illusion of this)
-Linux version
-Mouse-click have a sound-effect
-Ability to change projects save destination
-E-mote support
-setting for changing TyranoBuilders program font larger.
-Snap character's image to bottom of screen
-Easier Custom Menu creation. (example: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/typemoon/images/2/2d/Status2.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120307222216,) ( Working on this for the next update)
-Prevent <i> and other text formatting from displaying in dialog before it formats the text.
-Being able to collapse / expand / delete a folder and all its contents
-MIDI sequence support
-Add alignment as an option for name field*** (looking into this, but in the meantime it can be done with a simple script)
-Tyranoscript and iScript syntax highlighting
-tags reference from the code editor
-animation editor IE visually select and control elements like a preview character for the anim tag.
-Label and Jump having different color tags to differentiate
-Add setting to image component and remove image to set which layer you want the image on and then which layer you want to remove rather then removing them all.
-Sort scenes manually
-Multiple windows of the editor open and have a single scene on each.
-copy and paste components from one project to another.
-expand and delete buttons on components being apart from one another as to not click delete by mistake.
-Scrolling on the mouse wheel goes back and forth through dialog, or any button to go backwards in dialog.
-have components turn red if they are missing something or broken
-button that can use the [call] tag (This is outside of the scope of the TB GUI functionality, so please use scripting for this.)
-implement the latest PHONE GAP option on Tyrano Builder so that it can deploy .apks to adobe phone gap correctly. Currently sounds don´t play on .apk generated by Tyrano Builder because it´s dependencies are old.
-CG gallery manager
-More transition types for jumps from scenes, and transitions within a scene like characters coming and going
-Premade sound effects library
-Make the quake function not show the black background
-setting to add sound effect to the "typing of the text"
-Sort project list by the last date modified
-Ability to control image layers directly through components instead of coding
-Removal of individual images instead of everything at once when using the "Remove Image" component.
-Changing cursor for mouseover/hover over clickables
-Make the positioning tool view in small scale (no need show the actual screen size while editing) so we can see the whole game screen while editing the character positioning.
-Resetting gifs when they are played a second time rather then them staying on the last frame when using preview (works as suggested on exported version)
-Voice over support for text
-Settings menu in game for: audio, resolutions, and skipping
-Ability to type out the position of UI buttons in the editor
-Support for swf files
-Undo and Redo for text (current undo only supports removing components)
-Naming tyranoscript boxes (adding a header to the component)
-Naming a Label saves on exiting the box rather then by hitting accept.
-Scrolling past the last component so that its easier to place components below it rather then having the scrollbar stop with the component being at the very bottom.
-Tyranobuilder phone app (for working on projects away from your computer)
-Seamless audio loop (no pause when looping)
-App icon changing within tyranobuilder
-crosswalk for python or python langauge support.
-ctrl+s for saving project
-Add prompt to save screen in game to ask if they want to save when the select a slot.
-Ability to change the color theme of tyranobuilder
-Character Creator/Generator. (some for and against: http://steamcommunity.com/app/345370/discussions/0/385429254949414034)
-Ability to make your own menu pages or at the very lease a tutorial on how to make your own working menus. (Highly suggested)
-Option in settings with image buttons to be able to select a hover image.
-Background tint and flash effect
-Layer selection in component
-Unused asset remover for export

Recently Suggested
-Ability to Create keyboard shortcuts for making things happen in the game. (IE open a menu)
-Make it so that a button isn't needed for input text boxes, and the player can just press enter instead.
-Branch Preview Tree
-Easy Translation tools inside Tyranobuilder
-Premade Settings Menu and Demo to make your own Menus (Highly Requested)
-Component for message0 and message1 with visual placement tools like branch buttons.
-Steam Workshop so users can share projects, images, sounds, UI, and other items
-Ability to save project to any location
-Name Formating support, since highlighting no longer works with html formating of the character name.
-Abilty to group or nest components
-Change image or character layer via component
-Button for rewinding in case a reader missed some text.
-Grid outline for previews to help with placement
-AutoSaving to prevent loses in computer crashes
-Camera filter Like adding sephia, noises, or maybe textures filter
-Moving sprites or UI without script.
-Option to have character walk into the scene rather then appear
-ability to change the image next to the novels save file.
-The ability to Enable or disable component. So you can make the component ignored when the aplication/testing running.
-wait to click icon showing prematurely in some cases for long messages having a slight delay before it appears would be helpful.
-Loading Bar for opening exported games (specially helpful for larger projects that have a 1-4min delay before showing)
-Renaming characters via the character manager
-64-bit version of tyranobuilder for more access to memory.
-Indent components under each label, helps show were labels starts and ends.
-Context options for character manager, allowing for preset font, placement, and varibles related to character.
-Name field being able to be controled from text box settings, allowing for predefined characters are already in the scene.
-live2d expressions
-Having the position window open outside of tyranobuilder so that its not locked within tyranobuilder making the window smaller.
-Having a position all button, were you can see and change multiple image positions at once.
-layered call stacks allowing for multiple call and returns within one another.
-ogg support for in file looping
-settings for controling v-sync and anti-aliasing
-Component for multiple message boxes simultaneously on screen, each with its unique and adjustable name tag. For example: MB01 for Character A at the bottom, MB02 for character B in the middle, MB03 for C on the top.
-Component for making comments that dont appear in the game
-Branch/jump/image/clickable buttons having scene and label included on the component itself

Fixed Or Added Features
-Steam Cloud Support
-Live2D support
-Delete & Renaming Scenes
-Delete & Renaming Characters
-Character resizing for expressions and joining the scene - Change the size of the sprites of the characters.
-Mirroring Character expressions
-Branch Button Visual Placement like images
-Branches Within Text ( http://tyranobuilder.com/tyranoscript-tags-reference/#link )
-Japanese language version added
-Added Exit to the File menu
-Filenames with spaces can be used
-Text Box Window Sizing Within The Component Itself (1.4)
-More Default Fonts & Custom Fonts (1.4)
-Fullscreen support (1.4)
- Change mouse icon (for entire game) and mouse icon hover (over clickable areas)***(1.4)
-On/off button for skipping outside of the menu.(1.4)
-"store variable" component and "check variable" component(1.4)
-Undo Button (1.4)
-Sound control on music (1.5)
-Remove looping delay on music and sound effects (1.5) *use fade
-Auto Mode where the text continues without prompt (1.5)
-Debugging Mode (1.5)
-Project saved prompt not requiring you to click ok and goes away after a short time. (1.5)
-Volume control for setting how loud videos play in a VN (1.5)
-zoom-in and zoom-out, zooming focus on scene (1.6)
-Quake on character only (1.6)
-Movies being able to be looped (1.6 via background movie)
-Live2D panning (1.6)

***Files marked with this can currently be done in via tyranoscript, so these are only suggested to add more ease of use to these features.
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Long Hot Summer Mar 30, 2015 @ 6:11am 
What can TyronaBuilder not yet do that you want?
I'm happy with it but I found some missing features:

- inventory system without using Tyranoscript (this can make games so much easier to make!)
- easy credits screen

What about you?
jay_rab Mar 30, 2015 @ 7:38am 
Glad your happy with it and we are continuing to improve it so keep checking in on us.

Personally I found making a movie and just placing it in its own scene being the best way to run the credits as there are many movie maker tools to make sliding text, but I understand were you are coming from.

Any insight on what an "inventory" component would look like to you? what kind of settings would it have?
Upper Dave Mar 30, 2015 @ 7:51am 
I really like Tyrano too, but I do have quite a few features I'd love to see.

- Multiple concurrent text windows which can be placed anywhere. Some of them don't change when you click the mouse, unless you tell it to.

- "Story tree" branch overview, like a flow chart.

- Slightly simpler branches system, like the one in RPG maker. Please also indent (tab) branched segments, so it's easier to follow?

- Option to stop backgrounds resizing when you change the story's resolution, as well as an option to make buttons and characters auto-align in / from the center. This is so you can publish to multiple platforms without needing to re-do massive amounts of work each time.

- Compile directly to an APK ready for Android publishing.

- A built-in character maker DLC pack. Like a doll wizard you can use directly in the program to create characters. Would also make it easy for people to add custom clothing to the dolls, or even new dolls.

- Perhaps an option to show choices directly in the message window, rather than on buttons? Having clickable text inside the message window would save a ton of time.
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Kasume Mar 30, 2015 @ 7:55am 
If there's one simple thing that's missing that I'd really really like, it's keyboard shortcuts.

I did discover that Ctrl+F does bring up the search. I'd wager that the reason it's included is because it's a feature that the programmer himself uses.

Aside from the standard ones like Undo(Ctrl+Z), Redo(Ctrl+Y), Cut(Ctrl+X), Copy(Ctrl+C), and Paste(Ctrl+V), and Select All(Ctrl+A), I'd like ones that make it easier to add components. For example, when the scene canvas is selected it'd be nice to be able to press T to add a new text component, J to add a jump, B to change background, Y to add a branch button, etc.

Come to think of it, configurable keyboard shortcuts would be best. Most advanced graphics software has them and they're a boon to productivity.


In addition to shortcuts, some navigational elements could be made to work with arrow keys.

With a component selected, you could use the arrow keys to move up and down the list of components faster, and use PgUp, PgDn, and Home and End to move through the list of components more quickly. And the Delete key to delete a component. And use ALT to access the file menu.

Edit: I noticed you can use Tab to cycle through some elements in the UI already. But you know what would be really great? Being able to use Shift+Tab to switch between Components, Resources, and Scenes.


I think this may very well merit its own discussion topic, but for now please consider this for sought after features TyranoBuilder could benefit from.
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Rebecca Kalista Mar 30, 2015 @ 8:50am 
Custom fonts (as in, the ability to supply one's own fonts).

And, indeed, the whole shortcuts thing would help greatly.
Mo Mar 30, 2015 @ 9:28am 
Some of these suggestions have been recognized by the devs, but for the sake of compilation:

1. Upload custom fonts
2. Text shadows
3. Drag n' Drop functions for UI placement.
4. A plugin for Unity3D
5. Fullscreen support
6. Smooth loop transitions for music. (Currently, there is a loop delay)
7. Story branch layout screen
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❀ Zeee ❀ Mar 30, 2015 @ 10:54am 
I might have opinions that are listed already by users above and I have yet to explore much with this software, but still.

First off, the ability to rename scenes. I for one, am not the kind to use default names from when project was created. Unless I haven't seen or explored enough, I haven't seem to find a way for that. Please enlighten me if anyone knows.

Next, a story log or scrolling with mouse 3(mouse scroll wheel) for previous texts and up until where you last read would be great to allow the audience to re-read the previous texts in case they clicked over a text and missed it. It would most definitely spoil the experience if you missed even a small bit of the story. Or at least it would, for me. Also, most definitely not the log and like in "Long Live The Queen" that has to open up in a browser. In-game please.

If the scroll with mouse for previous texts idea gets implemented, I do hope it doesn't play out as an exploit like most VNs where you can re-select your choices too. It may be good to cheat sometimes, but I think it's better to stop the scroll to from when you last select the choice. I may be asking for too much though. Maybe a log is much better than scrolling to previous texts in this case.

I also vote for the fullscreen support mentioned by Guideborn and the idea of resizing the chunks by Upper Dave above.

On a side note, I like this software and think there's potential to go further.
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quantumsheep Mar 30, 2015 @ 12:04pm 
I'm very much enjoying this software - thanks so much for making it :D

Some things I'd like to see v. soon:

1. Custom Fonts

2. Steam integration: Not sure if you can publish a finished game to Steam yet. If you can, being able to trigger achievements would be lovely (if not already possible).
Additionally, I've not explored the phone gap system for getting games onto iOS yet - but again, Game Center integration there would be greatly appreciated by my players I'm sure!

3. A 'disable' function on all components. This would be a little checkbox on each component for example that can be checked on/off and would make the game ignore the component when you run it.
This can be useful for testing. Imagine it as a way to 'comment out' a particular component you don't want to run.

4. Full Screen support

5. Multiple Language support - Export of all text into a single file that can then be sent to localisation people to translate and then send back to you.
Integration of said file back into the system with an option to give player language choices.
This could be complicated by not using the text component - I currently use tyranoscript for text stuff as it's more flexible.
Theoretically it *is* possible right now by giving a language a variable number, then choosing which language's text is displayed based on player language choice.
Sorry, just thinking out loud!

6. A way to order the scenes/rename them.

7. Sound fx/Music volume control

8. 'Save as' capability please!

I'll think of more I'm sure!

Thanks again!

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DeXP Mar 30, 2015 @ 12:31pm 
I want Complex characters - composite one character expression from many layouts (body, hair, dress etc).

Also I want to set the color of the character in chara_name_text. Like default character color in RenPy.
Swawa3D Mar 30, 2015 @ 1:15pm 
1. Ability to center the game display horizontally & vertically. When "Screen Mode" is set to "adjust to device, but preserve aspect ratio" the display should be centered with equal size black bars either to the left & right or on the top & bottom depending on the aspect difference. This along with fullscreen support are required for a professional looking finished product.

2. Better controls, key mapping, controller support, the ability to go backward in conversations, etc.

3. More save slots

4. Position Tool for the Branch Button.

5. Clickable Area: ability to use a circle & drawn polygon shape.

Mo Mar 30, 2015 @ 2:16pm 
Originally posted by Dracon:
Please add this to the list :)

Definitely this!
tavablake Mar 30, 2015 @ 5:21pm 
The ability to change preferences for the editor itself would be useful, mainly an option to turn off confirmation dialogues. I've found that if I need to delete sprites it's easier to do so through windows explorer than in the program.
It's a lower priority, but being able to change the pastel pinks and oranges of the interface to something that makes text easier to read would also be nice.

The Positioning Tool is also impossible to use if the image resolutions are larger than the screen (I'm used to using larger images to keep the quality high, and downsizing later).

The current text box also needs a word wrap function.
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crow-proxy Mar 30, 2015 @ 5:51pm 
Character creator? Assets? That's totally not worth the effort. You cannot make this program as broad as that. As I'm using it I'm finding many things, how should I say, buggy or outright missing. Adding ridiculous things like character creators just to appease the stupid masses that want to make a quick visual novel is not a good idea when you have other pressing matters to address.

We're having issues with fullscreen settings, character resizing, character placements, resizing text boxes, and lack of steam support options. Work on the code not the assets!
A really simple system for animating images would be fantastic. Like if you wanted a looping animation of a symbol to put on your text box. Or if you wanted a bit of the background to twtich slightly. I know theres a way to do it with scripting but I would love a simpler method.
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