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tricosahedron Jun 5, 2015 @ 4:43am
Bug Reports
Bugs can be reported here.

This topic has been merged with two other topics with bug reports, so the first 17 comments got a little mixed up.

My original post:
(thread named "Suggestions: Heptagons in RRV, and compasses")

First of all, thanks for the amazing update, again! :)

At the moment, I can only think of two things which I think should be improved:

1) It's hard to spot pirates when everything is cluttered with compasses. I think it would be better if there was a restriction on how many compasses there can be in a certain area.
For example, when a compass is spawned, the game could check how many compasses there are within a certain distance, and if there are x more than allowed, the x nearest compasses would disappear.
Also, it might(?) help to draw them smaller.

2) With default settings, heptagons in Red Rock Valley are a little hard to recognize, but I think in order to perform well it's absolutely crucial in this Land to immediately see which tiles are heptagons, and which tiles are not. Using the option to darken heptagons fixes the problem, but not everyone is aware of the option, and people who usually don't use that option would have to switch everytime they enter; so I'd suggest to improve heptagon visibility even with the default settings.
Also, in plain tile mode, the ground tiles in RRV are very dark, making it hard to see the black tile borders.
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jruderman Nov 21, 2016 @ 2:30pm 
In the "plain/3D" mode, items (and maybe monsters?) in walls are misaligned:

jruderman Nov 21, 2016 @ 2:48pm 
Some minor graphical inconsistencies in Zebra as I move around, or even as I enter and exit menus.

In this position:


If I press "Esc" twice, some Onyx centers change from white to black, and some red outlines at the bottom of chasm-edges disappear. If I move my mouse at all, the changes are reversed. Unfortunately, pressing F12 to take a screenshot also perturbs things, so I'm not sure how to show both ways the scene is drawn.
zeno  [developer] Nov 22, 2016 @ 2:44am 
Update 9.1e:

- fixed the rosewave colors broken in the last update, Onyxes no longer change colors
- ASCII mode fixes: using distinct ASCII symbols for weak/solid/trunk in the Yendorian forest; quicker start-up and better letter sizes
- Chaos mode fixes: Orb of the Dragon appeared too fast, Troll nests appeared with way too low probability
- 3D mode fixes: red outlines are no longer displayed on chasms; changed the vertical alignment of in-wall items and monsters, Ancient Jewelry is now somewhat transparent
Platforms in the Ivory Tower are rendered as flat in the 3D display.
jruderman Nov 25, 2016 @ 11:28am 
Several graphical issues with spikes of the Lakes of Sulpher in Hell.

* The nearby lakes try to draw their spikes "under" the gaps between crossroads tiles (tiles set to plain+3D).
* The lakes at the edge of my vision don't draw spikes. The spikes suddenly appear when I move closer.
* When two lakes are near each other, there is flickering as to which of the overlapping spikes is "on top". I think this is an instance of "z-fighting".

jruderman Nov 25, 2016 @ 11:28am 
Another case of "The electric discharge is confused". I'm not sure what happened here but it might be related to my use of the Orb of Thorns to kill a Storm Troll.

zeno  [developer] Nov 26, 2016 @ 3:06pm 
Update 9.1f brings simple 3D effects to the monsters. This feature is activated from the "basic config", "monster display mode".

Also, humanoids have LEGS now! They are visible in the 3D monster mode, or the shmup mode, where the legs of humanoids and dog-like creatures are animated.

More bugfixes:
- Wall and monster shadows added
- If you press F10 and it would cause the game to be saved, no more asking for confirmation. Also, in the ESC menu, "save" is shown instead of "quit" in this case
- Removed minus signs displayed in the Yendorian Forest
- Mimics were not displayed correctly for the Familiar PC
- Fixed incorrectly colored floors under bonfires etc. in the Icy Lands, and under Thumpers
- Onyx fixed to look as before
- Fixed sulphur spikes on the Chaos/CR4 borders
- Shmup mode fixes: birds no longer collapse trapdoors; Vampire Bats now work; fixed crashes associated with displaying Familiars, offscreen Mirrors, and targetting Orbs in some cases; Orb of the Sword blocked your knives, and spinned uncontrollably when blown away by an Air Elemental
- Fixed the incorrect message "%The1 is destroyed!" when destroying halfvines with Orb of the Warp

wonderfullizardofoz: doing a 3D version of the "Escher" Ivory Tower would be quite difficult -- I am leaving them flat for now. Plain 3D mode works for them.
fones4jenke13 Nov 27, 2016 @ 5:02am 
Loving the new 3D monsters and tiles.

I've just noticed that golems' heads appear to be at their feet when monster display mode is set to 3D, at least compared to their 2D model.


Hopefully the screenshot shows this ^
zeno  [developer] Dec 1, 2016 @ 8:43am 
HyperRogue 9.2 (official announcement http://zenorogue.blogspot.com/2016/12/hyperrogue-92-3d-hyperbolic-animations.html ) brings fully functional 3D Escher mode, sound effects, animated movement, and particle effects on destroying creatures and walls.

Other graphical improvements:
- fixed golem heads
- Trolls now have bigger feet
- Steps are bigger now
- Legs are no longer animated when riding boats or worms
- Centering animation is smoother
- Fixed the shadow of Sparrowhawk
- When using Orb of the Fish, there are no legs, and the fishtail is animated
- 3D effects for the water, improved chasms
- Characters in the gravity lands are now displayed skewed due to gravity
- Friendly ghosts are now colored brightly
- Improved the 3D levels for worms and wormriders
- The 3D graphics now works with half-plane and band models

Other fixes:
- Fixed mounting tentacles: when escaping, don't go to the root immediately, and monsters are attacked on the way; a Ghost can no longer move to player's position and vice versa
- Ghost timer disable cheat (ctrl+G) now also disables the Orb power caps
- Minor translation fixes
- Mousewheel now allows to quickly scroll multiple-choice option items, and to give orb powers in the cheater's overview
- Fixed minor problems with moving things (on boats, or using Orb of Space)
- Shmup mode: items moved in boats are visible, don't see items in water if you are fish in boat
- Boats in the Whirlpool no longer face weird directions
- shift+5 cycles wallmodes backward
- Fixed the stalemate calculation for Outlaws
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Shiny Dec 2, 2016 @ 6:05am 
9.2 has broken keypad input for me. Now using keypad 1-9 is also causing regular keys 1-9 to be registered, which means graphical options are now constantly changing as I navigate.

Edit: Turning off NumLock solved the problem, though this isn't desirable since most of the time I want the numpad to function as numbers rather than home keys and arrows.
Last edited by Shiny; Dec 2, 2016 @ 6:15am
Ooh, this graphical update was a *lot* more impressive than I expected. Definitely a huge improvement to the game as a whole.

Some things to consider for animating in future updates (largely just things I'm going past in-game that could be animated but aren't):
* Attack animations, for the player if nothing else (the attack animations for other things would probably be a waste of effort, as there are a lot of other things and they attack infrequently)* Living Cave walls growing and shrinking, and Living Fjord land growing and shrinking
* Ice melting
* Transformation of monsters into walls (most common with trolls)
* Platforms falling away (most obviously in the Land Of Eternal Motion, but also in, for example, the Palace and the Zebra)
* Rose Garden scents spreading.
* Mine explosions.
* Palace doors opening? Maybe they actually lower/raise? That would explain their behavior and make sense visually for an animation.
* Enemies falling shouldn't have the normal death animation; they should have a falling animation similar to what platforms falling should have.
* The player switching with the Golem?
* It happens so quickly I can barely see it anyway, but I think the animation for enemies being killed by rose bushes may be a little glitchy because they don't actually move into the rosebush.
* Fires going out.
* Tides going out and coming in.
* Water currents in general - it'd be neat to see some fancier effects on the whirlpool, as well as stray waves as an incidental background detail in the rest of the ocean.
* Sea Walls have never looked very good to me; I'll say what I've always thought should be done with them - replace the walls with a line of buoys. The buoys are actually pushable objects, like Statues Of Cthulhu, but too heavy for anything but krakens to move.
* Given the name of the Kraken Depths, it seems to me that they ought to be deep - ie, lack the bottom grid that other aquatic lands have, or at least have it be substantially visibly further away.
* I think it'd be neat if sand dunes were more pyramidal.
* I think Sand Worms would look better without a joint on the cell where they're coming out of the ground - maybe have an animation on that cell indicating sand being thrown up. Same goes for Tentacles Of Cthulhu, and I think it'd make some sense if they left a chasm or pool of water behind when they died.
* Probably rework the appearance of wine in the Vineyard. It currently looks kind of awkward because the vines appear over the wine.
* Not related to 3D things or animation, but shouldn't your mirror images be able to kill Rose Beauties?
* Just want to say that I LOVE the Ivy animations.

Overall, excellent update and I'm very glad to be a regular player of such a great and well-maintained game. :)
Last edited by wonderfullizardofoz; Dec 2, 2016 @ 5:57pm
It'd be a lot of effort for potentially very little payoff, but FPS mode may be an interesting experimental offshoot of shoot-'em-up mode.

EDIT: Getting some weird what-goes-on-top-of-what glitches at the Graveyard-Haunted Woods border.
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_monad Dec 2, 2016 @ 7:31pm 
NotEye has an FPP mode for other roguelikes, so I'd guess it'd be fairly easy to introduce. Biggest barrier would probably be monster sprites. The ASCII sprites might work for that right now, but multi-cell monsters would be a bit odd.
Oh, also, I don't think enemies killed by the Orb Of Flash should have death animations.
zeno  [developer] Dec 3, 2016 @ 5:23am 
Thanks! Update 9.2a:

- gameplay: mimics are now able to kill Rose Beauties
- control: numpad keys no longer switch graphical modes; fixed the 's' key setting the scrolling speed instead of saving config
- movement animation for switching place with golem, Windy Plains items, and magical boats
- particle effects when walls melt, and fire-related particle effects
- sand dunes and trees are now pyramidal in Escher/3D
- items under half-vines are moved to be roughly centered in the grassy part
- leg movement while riding boats was not disabled in non-3D modes
- animations for falling floors, and falling and sinking monsters

The 3D models are currently only well suited for viewing from above (as they are built from slices taken at several heights) -- so it would be indeed lots of effort to create a reasonably looking FPP.
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