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Zulu Sep 23 @ 9:18pm
Drop Pods
So I've been experimenting with drop pods think ODST pods from halo. I am using a mod I can remember the name of but it adds a decoupler ( Adds one that instantly decouples and a few that decouple base on damage sustained on ether side of it ) so basically I have been make a ship that has a hanger for a smaller ship that decouples hitting the ground ( or having the ability of low level flight depending on variant ) then releases marines or grenadiers,

So now that explaining that is out of the way, I was wondering has anyone else been doing anything similar or have any tips?
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*pop's up casually*
hmm... may or may not try to make a drop-pod crew if i'm not too tired/busy
Zulu Sep 24 @ 9:56am 
It works, not as simple as just making a boarding ship. But it does help to not have your troops shot down ( Pods count as parts of the ship that are broken off so there not targets immediatel ) only bad part is to get the pod back you have to repair the ship :P
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Zulu Sep 24 @ 10:01am 
And because they usually aren't the first thing to be shot at, putting a pressurized suspendium tank on it might also not be a huge risk
My thought would be....

A monster with super low fuel and a fly/walk height of the top of the screen. Bingo.
Drop pods galore.
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@Zulu, message me when/if you ever upload this mod, i like the sound of drop pods since i am a huge fan of halo, anything related to it interests me.
I suggest walker for a controlled, slow fall - and if it's a "walker", it will be required to start at a certain height.

But it wont be connected to a ship. You would need the decouple, which is the key ingredient to it working on a craft.
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Zulu Sep 26 @ 3:02pm 
@PromeStream Not a mod. But I can find the mod the decoupler comes from and send you screenshots, and what the decoupler mod if. For you to look at.
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i am aware its not a mod, i was just wondering if you ever release it as one if you would notify me, but i would love to look at it now if possible.
I have a mod.


I'm calling it "Halo Evolved Skies v9.1.16.-2.8". Because Halo came up, so that's topical and "on point". #laserstalin

First of it's kind. Only of it's kind.

Have fun folks, credits provided. It's a step in the right direction, bugs and all.
@Doctor Psyringe

Any instructions for the mod?
Such as where am i suppose to put the folders.
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you can drag and drop the folder in the archive at %appdata% /airshipsgame/mods

or you can extract the .amod file somwhere and ingame "add mod" in the mods menu
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Should have called it "pirate6's Uber Adventure". Equally as topical.

thanks, it worked.
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