Lonk Jul 7, 2013 @ 2:43pm
Fix for the stuttering?
Is there any way to fix the horrible stuttering in this game? Every time I get hit by an item or something new pops onto the screen the game stutters for nearly a whole second. It is especially bad for the first few seconds of any race, there was one track (one of the house of the dead tracks) that paused for about 6 seconds after launching off the start line! I read that playing the game for a bit gets rid of the stutter as it generates shaders but I have played for nearly 3 hours and noticed no improvement.

When it isn't stuttering, I get solid 60 with all settings maxed on my 2.5GHz Quad with ATI 5770 but I really can't put up with this constant stuttering, it really is some of the worst I have ever seen in a PC game, I bought this along with Transformed and that runs no problem...
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Andrew Jul 12, 2013 @ 10:05pm 
The game has a stupid manner in which it compiles shaders each time something happens that never happened before. Theoretically after you see every racer in every race use every item, the stuttering will be done. This was actually by design if you can believe it.

Unfortunately the game might not be actually writing the shaders to the cache. Check your ShaderCache folder in the root directory. Files per track should be getting bigger after each race. If they're not you might need to run as admin, use compatibility mode, move the game to another steamlibrary or all three. Even after all that, there seems to be some things that recompile every race regardless.

It seems older ATI drivers compile this stuff faster or something but it does me no good because my card can only go back 2 releases.

I guess take solace in the fact that this horrible port forced a superior port of Transformed (pre-compiled shaders) the same way Adventure DX's terrible port forced a superior Adventure 2 port.
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