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Camera Obscura

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JezzC Jun 16 @ 3:36pm
Level 8-2 (Second Sun)
Before delving further, I have completed the level and have gold medals on both categories. What I do wish to find out is how to complete the level in the, presumably, intended way. I am able to press every button except for the one to the left of the goal/end of the level (the one on the gray platform) and the one furthest to the left (the one nearest to the left side of the level). I assume the latter is the only one for I can't see further.

I'm more interested in getting to the one next to the goal. My guess is that it requires either flashing the green platforms to the right properly to be able to jump on the gray platform, or dropping the crawler thingy from above to the button. I couldn't do either after a bit trial-and-error so no idea how to get to that button.

The second, I would assume, should be accessable after pressing the button mentioned on the previous paragraph. I haven't gotten even close to reaching the left-side of the level so can't say if it's easy or not.

I don't understand the point of most of the left-side buttons since I am able to complete the level by activating just the upper-left button (the one below the crawler on the left side of the level) and all others to the right. After that it's just manipulating the green platforms below the goal which is really easy and at first I thought was the intended way to complete the level.

So, if anyone has beaten the level by activating all of the buttons I'd like to know how to do it, since I'm at a complete loss.