Bad UI and to much micromanagement
for me, the game isnt fun with this micromanagement. i cant see all ongoings with this UI. I mean, i have several colonies and lots of trade between them. this is to much chaos. it should more like stelaris and have a shared mineral/food storage after some buildings. lets build a trade hub for each colony and then lets them handle it for there own.

at this moment in game, i get each round some trade volumn without building some freighters and the colony is 5 rounds away, how is this possible? better to do some quality of life improvments.
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Tuck Davis Jan 15 @ 10:47am 
Darcion, I guess it`s just another design. In Stellaris you go more for over all strategical choices (e.g. how many ships can I build in time and so on - thats simple and straightforward).
In predestination you go also for tactical choices (e.g. where is that shmexy food produceing system the enemy heavily depends on?).

As for traderoutes, I guess they`re simulated like in early times 4x games, thats less micro management and should therefor please you. :)
Darcion Jan 15 @ 9:46pm 
you should see, how the trade flows, not only some lines. i have a system with 3 powerfull colonies but you dont see any tradeline. the UI is too bad, you have to click thru every planet to watch all the stuff.
Nyphur  [developer] Feb 11 @ 6:24am 
Hey guys,

There are a few things to unpack in this thread, so I'll take them one at a time.

Trade route visuals: You mentioned seeing resources flow rather than just lines. We could of course have a visual of a tiny ship moving along the trade route if you zoom in far enough, that's not too difficult to implement. We probably also need some way to indicate that there are multiple trade routes between a pair of star systems on the galaxy map, perhaps with smaller parallel lines.

Trade Route Flow: One of the other ideas we've been discussing is that new trade routes should take a certain number of turns to become active as trade ships make their way too the target planet. It would be visualised as the trade route line extending each turn and with a new "Setting Up" indicator. This would also add a strategic element, as you'd have to send resources for several turns before any are received and you'd keep receiving resources for several turns after a trade route is removed. It would be tricky to implement though, so we'd want to make sure there is support for the idea before we commit to it.

Intra-system trade routes: Trade routes within a star system are currently just entries in the trade route list, but they probably should also be visualised in some way in the System window. This will be tricky to implement because straight lines between the planets would look terrible and would often just go through the star graphics, so we'd have to consider how big a deal this is before proceeding. It is, after all, a purely graphical improvement.

UI is bad: The number 1 piece of negative feedback we get from players is that the UI needs improvement, but almost nobody gives us any follow-up details. We very much rely on feedback to direct this part of development, we created the UI so we're not impartial and it's not obvious what's wrong with it. If you have any specific suggestions regarding the UI or ideas on how to improve it, we'd love to hear them. The same goes for any part of the game, not just trade routes!

-- Brendan, Lead Developer
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