Huggles ` Dec 1, 2016 @ 12:33am
A Hampster in a Space Suit!
some retro predestination fun.
You'll remember it if you were here long enough.
Can't get enough of that hampster
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... a what??? I'll have you know my suit is custom fitted. :p
Nyphur  [developer] Mar 24 @ 11:25pm 
Vintage Predestination joke :D
Oliver900 Apr 25 @ 10:21pm 
My curiosity is intriqued.
Nyphur  [developer] May 11 @ 12:13pm 
Originally posted by Oliver900:
My curiosity is intriqued.
There was a very heated discussion early in our Early Access time about the Sci-fi 4X game trope of anthropromorphic aliens. It was soon after we'd released The Kazzir (a vaguely cat based humanoid race), and someone posted a threat entitled "Throw a hampster in a spacesuit and call it a race?! WHY?"

It was quite a lively discussion, and some good points were raised, but the idea of a hamster in a spacesuit is still funny to me. Some day after release, we'll have to release a Hamster in a spacesuit race as DLC just for the joke!

-- Brendan, Lead Developer
It would make for an interesting Easter Egg, ... something found in an archaeological dig, a small statue of a Hampster [sic] in a Spacesuit, ... ? It could probably have a Diplomacy bonus or something.

I had a similar discussion elsewhere in another forum regarding xenobiologic forms, it was a bit long winded but in a nutshell:
  • The Universe is full of "patterns", cosmological constants, and absolute Laws regarding the natures of Physics and Chemistry upon which Biology is based.
  • The DNA-RNA "pattern" may be the only way life can occur, AND/OR, Non DNA-RNA life might be the "exception" rather than the rule.
  • The Symmetrical bilateral "pattern" is the most common pattern used in Nature.
  • The only examples we can extrapolate from is our own world's biologic taxonomy, anything else is pure hypothesis (guesswork).
  • The symetrical bilateral biped form is just as valid, if not more so, than a hypothetically postulated form.
Without absolute proof, you can not be 100% certain that any of the above is not true.

However, in the alternate reality of Fiction and Games, you can make up anything you want and justify it afterwards (Poetic License?).

EDIT: There are actually many prototypes for "Hampsters in a Spacesuit" designs:,spacesuit

scroll down on this one:

(... image found here: )
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