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How to get to the other island on HL:LC without cheats!
tekijältä Sponnick
Did you just mysteriously wake up on an ugly island? Is the island overun with Combine? Did they build a giant noisy gun that won't let you rest from all the headcrab surviving you just did? Are you unaware of the existence of the number 3? Then move to I...
Секреты быстрого прохождения
tekijältä Hardist
Коротко и ясно описанно как эффективно пройти игру, для тех, кто уже прошёл игру....
Pro Tip
tekijältä Astartes of Derp
floating fix
tekijältä SUPER MANG!™
if you float around in half life 2 or hl2 episode 1/2 or in lost coast, go to your settings, your keybindings click advanced, turn on the dev console and hit ` and put this into it: sv_alternateticks 0 that will fix it....
Stuck at the Church? Heres some help.
tekijältä Sweg Dragon
This is for those of you that have no idea what to do at the church at the top of the mountain....
Let's Play Half-Life 2: Lost Coast (Complete Guide)
tekijältä KingKuzos
This is my complete LP on Half-Life 2: Lost Coast....