Runestone Keeper
Frustrating gameplay
Hello i just want to say that i feel unable to beat this game no matter what i do, and would really appreciate a lower difficulty. I have the feeling there are a lot, lot of situations where i cant do anything due to bad rng or unfair combination of monsters. Range enemies popping in a level, combined with close combat enemies that are super strong, having a lot of misses in the wrong time,etc,etc... There are a lot of translation issues with the french version, but apparently it seems there are mistakes for other languages as well.
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Possible you no yet understood enough the game mechanic?
Starting is extremely hard, you suppose to earn money and unlock upgrade at "Town".
Other than that......
- Pickup HEART only when you hp is full will increase max HP.
- Don't buy anything from dungeon shop if you no yet unlock all upgrades at town.
- Keep hammer, ice, throwing knife, elite killer item in case some troubles enemy appear.
These items consume "soul". Since soul replenish for each tile you explore, it is OK.
- Worship "God Of War" or "God Of Stone" if you are still beginner.
- The first guy is you play is 1 of the worst. In order to unlock next character fast.
1st, worship "God Of War". Play until level 6 - 7. Then invoke your god power on top of your character photo to skip into next floor.
By reaching floor 10 on middle difficulty, you unlock Svafa. A much more powerful character compare to the 1st.
- Since you are beginner, kill monster when they appear, don't leave them alive until insane combination. Unless the monster has some on-death effect. You just skip it.
- Keep 500 gold to unlock a character. With some weird reason, the easiest character to unlock is coincidentally most powerful character. Use that until you can win the game. Is insanely powerful and unfairly strong.

Game is good, but it is also hard.
Thanks i am going to try to apply those advices and see if this helps a bit.But i see no character costing 500 coins, the cheapest one costs 1000.
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Thank you very much for such comment. I wanted to leave game bacause it has a lot of randomness but will try with your tips.
Game is definitely hard.
Even I playing max difficulties with full upgrade now mostly reach around 15-20 floors.
But I do beat the game with multiple characters, no yet all.

To win the game, you need a lot strategy to game the mechanic.
Example. Eating HEART will increase max HP (Stamina + 1).
What if you have only 50% on this level but there are HEART here and there?

Answer, if you almost gain a new level. Don't consume the heart 1st !!!
Gain a level, HP mana all recover. Now, consume all the heart for the HP MAX.

No matter how, Save 1000 gold to unlock the cheapest character 1st.
He is straight obviously insane IMBA out of everyone that require absurd effort to unlock.
Not only his skill can target nearly everyone. His skill also combo flawlessly with his passive.
He got around 6x DODGE than all other character at level 1. (20+ %)
His accuracy is beat average character for around 10%. (89% !!!)
Oh, despite he look like a mage caster, he is actually best Dual Wielding.
You might ask, Dual Wield has low accuracy !! Why ?
Because his spell froze enemy become an unmovable ice for 2 turns.
This means, your attack will guarentee hit for massive damage.

Instead of thinking how to beat the game, try survive as far as possible to earn more money upgrade town.
If insane monster blocking your way. Don't try fight, just invoke god power go to next floor.
You will reach level max around 60% of the dungeon. Never worry about not enough monster to kill.

In fact, the best strategy always recommend gain a level right before going into final boss.
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