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Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

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Army of the Czech republic addon Missing
title say about all, i just purchased the ARAMA II Complete bundle but the Army of the Czech Republic is missing. When i look it up in the Shop the play button is there and i see it as already purchased. Starting anything from the Bundle except original ARMA II, is promting for the Serial of the Addon. I checked the AMRA OA folder and the ACR addon folder is missing, so not installed.

ACR is completely missing as well as its serial number!

Anyone having the same issue ?
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I have the same issue, I can't even start the game because the installation fails due of the missing serial.
Jammers_UK 6 marca 2013 o 2:27 
Same here also. It doesn't show up in my Library, but it is installed at: Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\DLCsetup\ACR
But it does ask for a CD Key/serial which I don't have!
denimdemon 6 marca 2013 o 2:30 
i opened a ticket with steam, lets see if i get a response on that.
earlier posts mentioned missing serials for Operation Arrowhead itself, appearantly steam was out of keys, maybe its something similar
Listy 6 marca 2013 o 2:47 
Same issue.

I already had all the other content, and bought the Czech pack to complete the collection.

No CD key to be found. I've tried a solution I found on the forums of running steam with admin rights and verifying the OA game cache but that hasn't worked.

So I guess we'll just have to see how steam responds to the tickets we've raised.

Listy 6 marca 2013 o 3:30 
To save anyone else the hassle of trying this I just deleted the ...\DLCSetup\ACR folder from my Steam directory and then retried verifying the game cache and letting it download it all again....still no joy as it's still asking for a CD key which I don't have anywhere.
same issue...
individually bought every content of arma 2 over the time it got released and decided to go for the acr dlc...
Now the game keeps asking for a acr key to register, but this one is nowhere provided.
I can still start the game by clicking the cancel button, but acr is not listed in the expansions tab (therefore not installed).
Tried verifying every content and starting as admin, but nothing works, seems like we have to wait for an official statement or carry over the conversation to the official forums...
Darly 6 marca 2013 o 6:03 
same problem here. If admins read this, please look into my profile and fix it asap, didn't pay for no dlc key
SMX87 6 marca 2013 o 6:36 
same problem, have no idea how to play the Czech dlc and adding -mod=acr command removes other mission scenarios from the game and also access to all other mods and addons
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Same problem here.
Bought the game, downloaded but it's missing from game list so no cd key to enter when it ask for it.
Contacted support, still no answer x.X
Fabian 6 marca 2013 o 6:49 
I've been trying to get this to work for hours now after dropping on the complete collection. I had retail CO prior as this - was one of the reasons to avoid steam! I got the two DLCs PMC and BAF working fine, so I can play with the BETA, A2, OA, PMC, and BAF! I will not be satisfied until I get ACR showing up, but as others say there is no CD key provided, so you can't even activate it! I figured maybe it doesn't *need* a key so I just extracted the DLC into the main folder in the same way the BAF and PMC folders are and called it ACR. That worked and it showed up, but when I restarted I get an error on startup saying header decryption error, so the only solution is to get a key... and there isn't one... yay....
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Fabian; 6 marca 2013 o 6:50
mesmo problema, aguardo soluções
My DLCs weren't showing, so I ran STEAM, not Arma, as admin. This allows the game to run its own installer or something. Just go into the steam shortcut properties and tick the run as admin thing. Ignore the stability warning, as my steam runs perfectly fine, and it's on windows 8 too :D
SMX87 6 marca 2013 o 9:10 
My DLCs weren't showing, so I ran STEAM, not Arma, as admin. This allows the game to run its own installer or something. Just go into the steam shortcut properties and tick the run as admin thing. Ignore the stability warning, as my steam runs perfectly fine, and it's on windows 8 too :D

Yeah running in admin has strarted a new installation process dispite my other dlc being installed and playable the British Focres one though I now require a cd key for the Czech dlc. I guess we'll have to wait for a fix then.
Aravzil 6 marca 2013 o 9:15 
Same here, I bought the Arma 2 collection with all the DLC, it asks for an Arma 2 Army of the Czech Replublic key... That I don't even have... ♥♥♥♥ this.
Listy 6 marca 2013 o 9:29 
Given the amount of people having this problem and the number of people that must have bought this in the last couple of day, Steam must already be aware of the issue. Yet no sort of annoucement, no appearance of any steam support guys on these threads to even acknowledge the issue, no one given the simple task of responding the all the tickets saying a 'yes we're aware of it and working on a fix' etc.

I've ran IT support departments before for large banks and corporations.... if I let my support department let an issue like this go unanswered for days I'd have been sacked. Here it seems it's the norm.

I know there are thousands of games for them to support, but it's not beyond the wit of man for their ITIL problem manager to do a simple database query using crystal reports to find all similar support tickets and sort out a communication whilst they're working on a fix. It's what would have been expected of me and pretty much every other IT manager working in a business.
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