SavotaGaming Apr 9 @ 10:38am
Arma 2 oa Global ban for legit nothing
Hello, my name is i beat box, And i got banned on Arma 2 oa After getting the dayz cleint i don't know what happend i downloaded it off steam and i downloaded wasteland and someother addons when i joined a game it kicked me out the first time and i was like ? So i rejoined and got banned globaly and before people start posting you downloaded hacks ect i didn't i got banned on mw2 for ts mod and ever since then i've never changed a games files or even touch hacks give me a hand here i've basicly lost 10-20$
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supercapy11 Apr 13 @ 10:53am 
Ok let's start with how did you get these addons and wasteland? The least I think you can do is play ordinary Arma 2 or file a report to battleye so they can verify your CD key and unban you.
It's good to see that BattleEye is banning for playing DayZ now. Sheep overpopulation is starting to become problematic.
SavotaGaming Apr 13 @ 4:32pm 
Mainly from dayz commader i got banned for joining a game As i was downloading wasteland
Chernie Apr 13 @ 8:30pm 
You don't download wasteland :O
SavotaGaming Apr 14 @ 12:13pm 
Sorry epic LEL
SavotaGaming Apr 14 @ 12:14pm 
I got myself mixed up i ment to say Epoc i don't know whats been going on latley but i cant remeber some things LEL
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