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1st Commando Regiment Recruiting
Hello this is First Lieutenant Snijder here
I'm here to talk to you about our Realism Unit
The 1st Commando Regiment is a serious clan Looking for Offficers and Members if your interested and follow up to these rules please sent me a message
1. Must be older then 13
2. Must have ts3
3. Must have a decent mic
4. Need to speak proper English
5. Willing to accept rules
6. Listen to higher ranks
7. Respecting everyone in your envirement
We also offer
A Teamspeak server
A Arma 2 Server
A training of 3 days max
And lots more
Some more info
1st Commando Regiment personnel maintain the same base level commando skills as their regular commando counterparts in the 2nd Commando Regiment. As a result, members of the Regiment are positioned to provide short notice reinforcement in support of Special Operations Command operational and training activities.
Army Reserve members of the Regiment are subject to the same selection and training regime as their Regular Army counterparts. Because of the requirement to undertake the same selection and training courses as a Regular Army soldier, most Army Reserve members elect to undertake several months of Continuous Full Time Serve in order to complete their specialist training. Once the specialist training is complete, Army Reservists usually return to their civilian employment and report to the Regiment on a frequent basis to maintain their skills.
Commandos are selected through an intensive selection process and 12 month reinforcement cycle. The process is commenced with initial physical screening to determine suitability to start the cycle. Once recommended, candidates are panelled for the physically demanding 4 week selection course. When a candidate successfully finishes this course, and is recommended for further training, he will enter the commando reinforcement cycle (of approx 11 month). Training over this period is progressive and a candidate may be removed at any stage for not meeting the training standards or attributes required of an Australian commando. The current training for entry to the regiment includes:
Urban war fighting
Unarmed combat
Parachuting (land and sea)
Helicopter roping
Basic demolitions
Heavy weapons
Marksmanship training
Specialist training (specialist demolitions, signals, or first aid)
Boat and vehicle operations
Close quarter battle
Further advanced skills are then taught at an appropriate time once a member of the regiment:
Advanced demolitions
Advanced pistol
Advanced parachuting (including Ram Air Parachute - Static Line and Freefall)
Language training
SF Sniper
Mountain and Cold Weather Operations
Thank you for your time hope to see you
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