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Meh 2013年9月10日 15時03分
In 82 minutes I have 100% the achievements but I have only unlocked one trading card. Are the drop times on cards high on this game?
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Blingie 2013年9月11日 11時22分 
In all games - Obtaining cards is completely random. I usually just afk in them games and milk it.

Meh 2013年9月11日 12時51分 
Didn't fancy doing that, but I guess I could do some of those speedruns
Ser 2013年9月12日 16時18分 
I usually get trading cards pretty fast. It took me 67 minutes to get all 3 of the drops.
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plzhavmercy 2013年9月12日 19時56分 
cards have nothing to do with achievements. It usually takes between 15 minutes to 45 minutes to an hour to get a card. Just leave the game on, or do time trials
Meh 2013年9月13日 1時29分 
I never said about them being linked to achievements- it took over an hour to unlock one card- I was asking if anyone knows if this game has a high time needed to card drop. Clearly it's as random as ever.
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