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Fast Eddie 12. jul 2013 kl. 3:41pm
Linux Control Problems
I'm experiencing a number of problems on Linux Mint with this game. Sometimes there's random crashes, but to a large extent I can't play it because the keyboard controls wil not respond aside F2 and F3, and even in the control map menu (F3) the ability to map keys on your keyboard is extremely limited, a problem I don't have in Windows.
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Ryuuko Matoi 5. dec 2013 kl. 11:30pm 
I had the same problem but I discovered that unplugging any devices considered by udev as joysticks helps. This may include other input devices — I had a mouse once that identified itself as a gamepad.

Try unplugging any gamepads and if the problem persists, type in the terminal this command:
find /dev -name js\? 2>/dev/null
If this returns a path to a js device and you're sure nothing of that sort is connected, you might need to write an udev rule to exclude it.
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