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altEred 2013年2月27日上午7:54
Keys not working {solved}
I am unable to start a game or just doing doing somthing wrong, I am using the Linux build.

Game launces fine but on the title screen the only keys that work are F2, F3 and Esc which quits. If I go into the key config options with F3, the arrow keys work and I can rebind the keys apart from Jump or Evert, If I go into the options with F2 the arrow keys have no effect same as the title screen so I am unable to move the current selection marker, only press escape to go back to title screen or hit enter to go fullscreen, if I try and rebind the controls on my gamepad the game dies with a Segmentation fault.
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altEred 2013年2月27日上午8:04 
My Gamepad was to blame, unplugged it and keys are working fine now. Gamepad is a PS3 DS3 connected via USB
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