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eamonn [GFL] 2012年12月29日下午8:48
Problem with All That Glitters achievement
I edited the map files to get the What Have You Done? achievement, but afterward the gem number for World 5 seemed to map onto that for World 1 - it changed to 27/43 (that being the number I had on World 5).

The total number of gems in the game went up to 261. I figured the achievement might still unlock if I collected all of the gems, so I went ahead and did that. But after doing so, the counter is stuck at 245/261, and obviously there are no more gems to collect.

I've tried reinstalling. Has anyone had the same problem, and does anyone know the solution?

Edit: I actually just fixed it myself. I changed the World 7 map to the World 1 map (like for the WHYD? achievement) and, when I loaded it up, there were 16 gems laying around the map. So I collected them, and then closed Eversion and replaced the maps. Upon reboot, the achievement unlocked.
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