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ovni.demon 6 декември 2012 в 4:52 следобед
Can't launch the game
I get a message saying "Runtime error
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in a unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.
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TargusTargus 14 декември 2012 в 2:23 следобед 
I can't help you get the game to run unfortunately but the developer has an older, possibly rougher, but still great version of the game for free on his site. It isn't the same hd product etc, but it's still the same game and amazing http://zarat.us/tra/offline-games/eversion.html

ovni.demon 16 декември 2012 в 11:48 сутринта 
Yes, I knew it (and already finish it). But I report the bug, like that, the developer can try to solve the bug. (Plus I would like have the achievements).
General Peanut Buildersith 1 януари 2013 в 10:49 сутринта 
I got the same error a few moments ago,however, I went into eversions directory (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Eversion) and opened the properties for eversion.EXE, I opened the compatability tab, checked the box in compatability mode, and selected windows 2000, the game ran fine after this.
ovni.demon 3 януари 2013 в 11:22 сутринта 
Yes I forgot to say that it works now. Though, I have no idea why, I didn't touch anything.
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Пряня 20 ноември 2014 в 11:21 сутринта 
Got same error
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