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Supergameman May 2 @ 3:09pm
How to 100% Eversion
Truely think you're done with Eversion? 10 things to complete:
1. All gems + World 8! Get the good ending! (Medium)
2. Obtain the secret ending! (Easy-Medium)
3. Get all the achievments! (Medium-Hard)
4. Download Eversion Level Editor and make your own levels! (Easy-Medium)
5. Get the Level 5 badge! (Hard-Very Hard)
6. Find the hidden letters in every level! (Very Hard)
7. Beat the game killing the minimum number of enemies! (Maximum for vice-versa) (Medium-Hard)
8. Get the foil badge! (Extreme)
9. Get some of the best times on Speed Run Mode! (Medium-Very Hard, depending on your definition of 'fast')
10. Play this game in the dark at nighttime. BONUS: Print out 10 sheets of paper with incredibly scary artwork from Eversion (Other games will work). Paste around your room. RIP to sleep. (Extreme+)
Have a staring contest with the eye on the title screen.
Reverse Eversion! Edit the enemies so you start in X-8 style,(Really X-1), and work your way back to happiness! ( Plot twist:But then the princess isn't a monster, she's a HUMAN!)
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asgr May 4 @ 5:54am 
You must be fun at parties.
Supergameman May 4 @ 8:49am 
(Dosen't know if insult or compliment)
Stormwhite Jun 4 @ 7:43am 
Eh, managed most of these in like ten hours, ignoring the ones that require editing because I'm lazy. Or the badges because I played this before trading cards for it came out.
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