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hero11 Jun 25 @ 12:28pm
What is the Point of buying this game?
I mean aside from supporting the developer, the only two changes I know of are the graphical update and the secret ending. (And though I don't know, likely bug fixes)
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Shrike Jun 29 @ 9:45am 
For the most part, that's really it.

When I first played Eversion, I absolutely loved it. So when it came to steam I picked it up just for the reasons you listed and for a few achievements, which are always fun. I buy Humble Bundle stuff all the time so I was pretty fine with picking up another indie game to support the developer.
I too, bought this to support the developer. I was actually a little peeved because it felt like the controls or something were off, but hey, it works, and I liked it. I also was not expecting the different secret level either, which was neat.
EspiOne Aug 18 @ 11:08am 
Had a 50% coupon, why not.
Quint S. Firefly Aug 18 @ 1:16pm 
The entire last level is different, also.
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