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Disciples III: Renaissance

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Tragic Sep 9, 2013 @ 7:05pm
How do you hire a leader?
Hi I am in ACT4 of the empire campaign and I still can not work out how to hire extra leaders?

1) I go to a city that has no units in it
2) I click on the city side in a spare box and the hire screen pops up

Now what?

The Leader box is hidden (not clickable), I can not select it? I have built all the city improvements.. I just can not work it out.

Thanks in Advance
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Psychos Sep 9, 2013 @ 7:27pm 
You need to make sure you are clicking on a left side panel while no party is visiting.

Leaders can't be garrisoned so they can't be bought on or moved to the right side of a city, and only 1 hero / party can be visiting at a time, so the city can't have any visiting leaders while you try to buy a new one. If you click a left hand panel while a party is visiting (or a right hand panel, always) you will be allowed to purchase base units.

The only leader you would need to buy anything for before being allowed to purchase is the thief, who requires the guild, but he is generally not worth the cost.

Sorry, I forgot to respond to the other thread, notification alert reminded me.
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