biogoo Mar 15, 2014 @ 1:47am
A bit disappointed by difficulty
I started the empire campaign on the hardest difficulty, awaiting troubles. And indeed, the first map was quite challenging. The respawning elven troops consisting of mainly archers, capable of downing one soldier of mine per turn, were giving me real trouble if they attacked me on their turn. The troll fights were also very challenging. (Me not using a single titan was also quite a weak decision:))

But then you find the "star" and go for the 2nd map. It is suddenly extremely easy. The enemy troops no longer consist of so many archers and your bonus healer turns most of the fights in your favor (the rest of the fights you dont even need it). The neutral enemies also dont seem to go up in strenght much, not catching up with your quickly leveled army.
Whats more, the "dungeons" that used to provide good challenge in older Disciples, usualy providing a tough boss fight, still contain mostly peasants and zombies.

Now on the third map, there are some trolls again, and some demons. Thanks to the star and now a powerful hero, they pose no trouble anymore, even against a fresh army.

I hope it will get better. Playing the first map was fun - having to use all resources available, potions, spells, loosing troops... even facing a weaker enemy was fine as it provided some break between the tough ones.
Please dont disappoint me.