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Sumy Sep 27, 2013 @ 7:36am
Origins doesn't work.
Hey everybody.

I have a really annoying problem, the last level (the main part of the game...) doesn't work, at all. If I load it from the menu I get a blue texture and crash, and if I load from the previous level I get a screenshot of the origins island and a crash. I've tried deleting and redownloading the mission in the DustSave folder also. I basically have no idea why this is happening or how I could possibly fix it. I have a feeling it's an update.

I played through the game ages ago, and decided a few days ago to try it again, but I had no saves so I had to play THE ENTIRE GAME just for the last level. Really disappointing to find out it has been updated to NOT WORK.

Thank you.

It's not just the last level, in fact it's almost half of the challenges as well.
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Gandalf The Grape Sep 27, 2013 @ 9:37pm 
This May help....Go into your library then right click from dust after that go to proporties then click verify game cache.....idk if this will help you but its worth a try :)
Sumy Sep 29, 2013 @ 3:43am 
Yeah, I tried that, and downloading all the maps again. I think the problem may be with uplay forcing (turning it off doesn't work) cloud saving. If that's the case, the corrupted Origins map would be on the cloud. Then I would never be able to fix it, apart from playing through the entire game again, which is not going to happen.
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