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Gunth May 8, 2013 @ 4:07pm
Broken/Lazy Port Job
Topic says it, really. Game won't run on windows 7. I'd just avoid this one, it's not worth any money, no matter the deal on it.
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Number 6 May 8, 2013 @ 10:42pm 
It will run on Windows 7 (that's what I have it on) but that might be because I'm running with User Account Control disabled (haven't tested).
That said, this is a broken, lazy port job as Gunth says.

Back before From Dust was released, it was advertised as requiring an internet connection to play it. Ubi (apparently) caved to the angry responses after a while and said it wouldn't need a connection to play (their forums had messages from staff which later mysteriously disappeared). So, once they said it could be played offline, I pre-ordered it.
Then just before it was due to release, it got delayed by about month.

When it was finally released, it turned out it did require you to be online to run the game.
Once it was running it was ok to disconnect from the internet, but you couldn't actually start the game without being online.
So then a while later came a patch which changed things so that you could play it offline, although the game still had to be authenticated once.
Even with this patch, and if you're offline, you still have to go via the Uplay launcher and then tell that that you're offline too.

Anyway, the game…
It's a fun enough game, and there are some good points, such as the way the water can erode the landscape, etc. but:
    * It's a pretty short game all-in-all.* The controls are awful (better with a gamepad, since it was designed for a console, but still awkward).* The frame-rate is limited.* Even when you get to the "sandbox" level you still don't have access to all the tools you've been shown during the various levels.* You cannot skip the really annoying cut-scene (not cut-scenes: it's the same one each time).

It's because of this game I'll never pre-order a game again from Steam or anywhere else. I'll definitely never be buying another Ubisoft game until it's been out for months and I know if it's another shoddy console port or not, and no matter what the quality, if it has always-on DRM, I'll not buy it.
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