Hexenhorst 2012年11月12日上午4:30
Driver does not start
Hey when i try to launch the game only the after game report shows up and thats it.
ive tryed to start the exe from the common dictionary but the same -.- i hope anyone can help me...
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danodude 2012年11月15日下午6:09 
Try re-installing the game? Other than that I don't really know what could be causing this.
Hexenhorst 2012年11月16日上午2:19 
ive try to re-install 5 times,checked the game files but nothing-.- only the after gamereport shows up and thats it :(
The Owl Lord 2012年12月15日下午4:31 
I have the same problem. Exact same. If i try to launch it in safe mode it says Driver.exe stopped working
Hexenhorst 2012年12月15日下午10:59 
Thx Uplay -.-
Woodroh 2012年12月27日上午2:53 
i have the same thing. well i bought it for mny son as a reward.... and it does not work

ROADMAN 2013年1月5日上午6:31 
i have the same problem and its brand new. what is the problem with uplay and why do you have to get it anyway?
Woodroh 2013年1月5日上午8:16 
Because everyone wants to patent their own version of the wheel. I hope more people who have bought driver but cannot get it to work post here. I think we should all lobby steam for refunds or ubisoft to give better error reporting on their games. I am more than capable of fixing most problems. If only i knew where to start.
最后由 Woodroh 编辑于; 2013年1月5日上午8:18
felipejcp89 2013年1月6日上午4:57 
Same problem Here. =(
RenanSilveira 2013年1月6日上午5:01 
I have the same problems. I really hate when you have to install the game for steam, and open 342894375 other programs just to run one game...
How can I get a refund for this?
Woodroh 2013年1月6日上午5:11 
Steam will not refunds unless its exceptional circumstances. As a group I am hopeful we will have more sucsess. If anyone does start a Steam ticket please link this thread and let them know we all want refunds and for Driver to be removed from steam because it doesn't work well.
最后由 Woodroh 编辑于; 2013年1月6日上午5:12
Bloemkoolz 2013年1月12日下午4:16 
When i click on Driver san fransisco, it says; Starting Driver San Fransisco, the steam square goes green for a few seconds, and its going blue again, without even starting uplay, I also get a message when I try starting Driver.exe that d3dx9_36.dll is not good or something?? please if someone has a solution.. tell me, because I always loved this game!! ;)
Salty Cracker 2013年1月21日上午7:17 
Same prob... i bought this game about 6 months ago for my laptop and now i build a desktop computer and it doesnt launch with it :(((
hgwmrnorm 2013年1月23日上午11:15 
Mine works fine but here's what happens. When I click on the shorcut (or exe) it opens the UPLAY window first (steam starts also in the background) and it's from there I see the PLAY button to get the game itself to run, this works ok for me. I'm just guessing here but it sounds like some do not even get the UPLAY window to open first and I'm pretty sure that's manditory, if that's the case then maybe you need to create/fix/update or create new UPLAY account to get the game itself to run. I'm just posting this info in case it helps people or gives them food for thought.
Woodroh 2013年1月25日上午2:12 
I get the uplay window showing driver graphics as well as the play button. I click "play" expecting to be taken in game, but I get another window displaying my play stats which is 0. The game simply launches and refers to an error but give no details.
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