SeriousSpy 2012年8月31日上午12:05
Do People Still Play MP?
I haven't been able to get into a game (On the PC), does anyone still play multiplayer? People should, it's great fun.
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Gintc 2012年8月31日上午3:23 
I've been playing last few evenings, always can find some people to play with (max rank mostly, but still fun).
makedon41k 2012年8月31日上午4:13 
I still play
SeriousSpy 2012年8月31日下午1:11 
Hopefully more and more people will play, we should try and convince people who own the game to play more!
Snapfoo 2012年8月31日下午4:14 
I kind of figured there wouldn't be any lower-level players so I won't be attempting online until I've got more goodies. =P
SeriousSpy 2012年8月31日下午4:28 
That's okay, I haven't played a match yet, but I'm still going to attempt online...

Then again, I've been playing racing games since I was about 4, sitting on my father's lap, steering the wheel.
Berto 2012年9月2日下午12:10 
Sometimes i still go there but i never find anyone... i always thought it was dead.
Alberto Malich (GNU PTerry) 2012年9月2日下午2:14 
I would love to play this game online more (Reminds me of Midtown Madness 3 on the original Xbox) but I can never seem to get in any games and any I do get in have like 2 or 3 people in them
SeriousSpy 2012年9月2日下午2:41 
Same here, except I've never even been able to get into a game...
Assassamilation 2012年9月3日上午2:14 
Tried but never found a game :(
BLuRocK 2012年9月4日下午5:51 
u guys can add me for playing driver sf
hnarli 2012年9月5日上午9:46 
Tried, couldn't find a game.
Nitefa11 2012年9月5日下午10:49 
I just picked this up on Gamefly for 6 bucks and tried adding it to steam but it wouldn't recognize the number which was exact since I cut and pasted it, odd
SeriousSpy 2012年9月5日下午11:05 
CD Key's aren't always compatible with Steam.
AngelWolfe 2012年9月7日下午7:58 
it doesnt pay to play on line anymore ..people loves to cheat an that spoils for everyone else so ..
Delicious Salad 2012年9月7日下午8:22 
I'm just trying to get level 5 so I can get the achievement ponts
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