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verena.scheucher 2013年2月1日 6時03分
Driver San Francisco White Screen
Hello, I've bought me Driver San Francisco on my Macbook Pro with Intel Core i7 quad core and 4GB RAM and a AMD Readon HD 6490M. Now when i start the game I only hear the sound but the screen is totally white. Can you help me with this problem? Sorry for my bad english, I'm German :)
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Ethern1ty 2013年2月3日 1時38分 
Same issue for me... This is a shame to sell a product who doesn't work at all !
Gabriel 2013年4月16日 18時05分 
me too!!!!! Please Solve it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
Rastafari 2013年4月17日 3時28分 
go to system preferences and open energy saver and disable 'Automatic graphics switching' - white screen problem solved!
Gabriel 2013年4月18日 17時20分 
ok,I did what you told me to do, now I can play it normally, thanks, by the way, why now I can play games without disable 'Automatic graphics switching' ??
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