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Driver San Francisco

Scottyboy Jan 17, 2013 @ 6:24pm
Game doesnt recgnize pedals
My whell works but i cannot set up pedals. Any ideas?

Logitech Wheel
Fanatec Pedals
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Dr.StrangeSpock Aug 4, 2013 @ 10:13pm 
You should not try to ASSIGN Pedal and Brake in game... only all the other wheel items. If your input file for the wheel is in the game folder it should work.

Make sure you have a folder for THAT wheel and it is listed correctly in "DESCRIPTION" (opens with NOTEPAD. Below is the method I copied and improved:


Making my Driving Force GT steering wheel work.

I have been looking for the clue on getting my wheel to work in Driver SF and every time i think i

got it licked it didn't work. Well finally after reading two different articles telling two

different ways or they both forgot to explain the other half i got my wheel working 100%. I did

not copy anything from anyone but i personally think those that offer help sometimes like to leave

little things out so it only works for themselves and the friends they chose to let in on the

secret part that isn't published.

First in xp go to control panel / system / hardware / device manager / human interface devices/

right click on your wheel and click properties, then detail tab. I have a logitech driving force

gt so i see USB\VID_046D&PID_C29A\5&2 etc, etc.. The important part is right after the the second

underscore _. OR just run DXDIAG in RUN box and go to INPUT and find your WHEEL listed and write


Mine says C29A after that underscore. That is windows way of identifying the controller and its

various axis and buttons. Write that down.
Now go into windows explorer (windows button & E) and navigate to your install of the game.
Since i did not get my game thru steam this time, mine is c/program files/ubisoft/Driver San
Francisco/Input/0x46d/0xc295. In there is a file called "description". I renamed mine to "original

copied it and pasted a new one in the exact same folder. I renamed it "description" then opened


0xca03 - Momo Racing Force
0xc295 - Momo Force

Copy the last line and paste it right under the last line so it now looks like this

0xca03 - Momo Racing Force
0xc295 - Momo Force
0xc295 - Momo Force

Now edit last line with info you previously wrote down in my case that last became
0xca03 - Momo Racing Force
0xc295 - Momo Force
0xc29a - Driving Force Gt

Once you have it looking like the above with your wheels number and name be sure to hit save.

Now in explorer copy the folder named 0xc295 and paste it on your desktop for right now, and

rename it the same way.
In my case 0xc295 became 0xc29a. Now take the folder and drop it back in your input/0x046d folder

so you now have 3 folders in there.

Start game and let the fun begin. Sometimes things don't work and you have to alt+tab in and out

of game to set them straight. Once or twice usually clears up any dead pedals or lack of

Once you get it working it stays thou.

For my wheel i had to go into the new 0xc29a/simulation3 and find
ACTION Vehicle_Reverse
and change that last Y to an X and save. This got my pedals working in the game correctly.
Don't try to set them in game, it still won't work. But you can drive with them and happy days for

The X and Y are the axis assigned to your separate pedals. having them both set to X made

accelerator pedal do both gas and brake which was a nightmare.
I went into windows game controllers settings and cut my wheels stop to stop axis from 900 down to

500 and i may still go lower to get that good sensitivity.

After this i set my buttons on wheel in game and am loving it.

For other operating systems, you just need to find the properties tab for your wheel in windows so

you can get
the right code for your wheel. The rest is the same.

Right now im in hog heaven using my wheel. I have to set my buttons in game each time which is why

im glad the game supports alt + tab. Don't have to close it all the time. I think you could set

the controls and save the simulation3 file while your in game so you can just load it at right

time before you play. Hmm wonder what the right time would be?

I have tried to address everything clearly in this little faq and hope it works for you.
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