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Lithonion 30 дек, 2012 в 13:57
I am having some wierd issues with this game. Before anyone states the obvious all my drivers are up to date, DX, ect, ect, ect. Game and steam set to run as admin. My game plays but I get spots where my X,Y,B,A buttons don't work in game but work in game menus. I can still drive brake ect but can't use the buttons. Restarting the game fixes this for awhile. Figure that one out. Also when I go to map or into menus IE garage or mission menus the game has random locks ups and I have to kill it in Task Manager. Task Manager shows game as Not Repsonding. Its quite frustrating as I am enjoying the game but this constant lock ups are aggravating.

Win 7 64bit
AMD FX 4170 4.2GHz quad
8 Gigs Ram
Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 1 Gig
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Codiable 4 янв, 2013 в 1:56 
reinstall the game
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