AnthonyH 2012年12月29日上午7:21
CD key not working
I bought this game yesterday and installed it today, everything goes normal i created a new UPLAY account because i don't own any ubisoft games. When i login it immediately ask's for CD key that is not working so im unable to play, how am i supposed to fix this and how did Valve give me an invalid CD key.
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TFaa7H 2012年12月29日上午7:50 
me 2
Capt Busta Noob 2013年1月19日下午6:57 
Me 2. Not happy.
Scottyboy 2013年1月19日下午7:53 
The problem, I think, is this whole proccess goes thru too many people. Buy it from Steam, play it through Ubi, game made by someone else. They sell it so cheap they cant afford to support it so, just have to have patience I guess. I do eventually get the games working properly. it is frustrating.
gamingmaster301 2014年11月10日下午4:26 
so i just keep trying till it works?
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