Singh Jun 24 @ 12:58pm
Why You Shouldn't Support Uplay & Ubisoft
If like me you bought a Ubisoft game through Steam recently - which already acts as a DRM service - you might be asking yourself why should you have to install a 2nd DRM service (Uplay) to play a game you've already payed for and verified as such. What is the justification?

Answer: there is none.

Why should you have to hand over more of your personal information to a corporation, create another layer of technical and bureaucratic impediment which 9 times out of 10 is incompetent just to enjoy a GAME?

Answer: you shouldn't.

Why should you put yourself, your personal information and your computer at risk with a service that used a malicious piece of code to not only monitor you but could be hacked and used by others to gain control of your PC?

Answer: you shouldn't

If you have a Steam Account email Valve Support and ask them to make the Uplay requirement more noticeable on the given game page the way they do with MMO's that require subscriptions or games that require Direct X 11.

If consumers are more clearly able to see what they're buying, chances are they won't support redundant DRM practices like Uplay and companies like Ubisoft which support them.

The only thing coroporations care about are sales, vote with your wallet if you want something different. There are plenty of games that are more deserving of your time and money - made by companies that actually value their customers.
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[The ASA]flyingman1900 Jun 29 @ 4:24pm 
I'm pretty sure the UPlay is there because the game can be bought without steam I think, and it's not always online DRM, Steam and UPlay both have offline modes. I honestly have had no problem with UPlay myself, and Ubisoft put out a patch to fix the people being able to hack into and control your computer according to the second link you posted, and that happened in 2012. You are beating a horse that has been dead for 2 years.
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Regi524 Jul 1 @ 4:25am 
I think, the main reason Ubisoft does it, is because people (pirates) like to steal games nowerdays, and to need a key (which steam gives you) to play it, seems logical. But, yes, I do agree, we shouldn't need to make a UPlay account. We should just need to enter the key when the game loads for the first time.
Postal Dude Jul 7 @ 10:17pm 
Uplay dose not stop piracy. It never has and never will. Drm only makse the game harder to play and that only makes it more enticing to pirate. Drm sucks and there is no jusification for it period.
SpawnCap Jul 8 @ 10:06am 
Funny how you tell everyone not to support uplay, but then you own almost every Ubisoft game there is, thus you are supporting uplay.
Singh Jul 26 @ 1:28pm 
Originally posted by SpawnCap:
Funny how you tell everyone not to support uplay, but then you own almost every Ubisoft game there is, thus you are supporting uplay.

The Uplay requirement is recent to Ubisoft games. Prior to buying Far Cry 3 I did not pay any attention to who the publisher was of a given game I may have bought. The reason being is that it did not impact my experience.

Uplay does impact my experience and is in the vast majority of cases incorrectly listed on the game's page off to the right hand side of the page under language support Options. Since Uplay is not an Option but a Requirement it should be listed at a minimum at the bottom of the page under System Requirements. Preferably it should be highlighted at the top of the page similar to way Early Access Games, Subscription Games or other games that burden the player experience in some way do.

This thread invites players to voice their concern for the poor labeling of Uplay requirements to Steam Support (Inept and Useless as it is) in the hopes that those getting paid to worry about the display of system requirements label Uplay required games clearly, consistently and appropriately so users can make informed purchases without regret or anger.
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