Macabre (no Sound) Jan 28, 2013 @ 10:31pm
Sceensaver Mode Doesn't work.
Anyone Else have a issue with screensaver mode?
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A Sexy Orange( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )Worship Mar 18, 2013 @ 11:19pm 
i also have a problem. i wish i knew how to fix
Komposten Apr 1, 2013 @ 3:18am 
I believe this is a quite common problem with later versions of Windows (i.e. Vista and 7). I can't promiss that this will work, but try to run the screensaver from its file (e.g. "E:\Program\Steam\steamapps\common\Insaniquarium Deluxe\Insaniquarium.scr").

For me this runs the screensaver and adds it to the "Screensaver List" as well (Right click on desktop -> Personalize -> Screensaver), though it will be removed each time you restart your computer (and sometimes while the computer is on) so you might need to start it once through the file each time you boot up the system.
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Macabre (no Sound) Apr 1, 2013 @ 5:51pm 
Yes I recently tried this, but I just run it manually from the shorcut I made when I leave.
grievesie92 Mar 20 @ 1:52am 
Thank you guys so much. Both manually activating the screensaver and popping a handy short cut somehwhere have sorted the problem for me :)
Komposten Mar 20 @ 2:16am 
I'm glad we could help!
Lelouch Lamperouge Mar 20 @ 8:31pm 
This was helpful for me too, so ty.
grievesie92 Mar 20 @ 10:54pm 
Random question though, do you guys have issues collecting shells in screen saver mode? When I manually activate it it only collects about 20-22 shells then stops. This is with Meryl (the mermaid) singing and with the screen save running over night...
Kailen Apr 13 @ 11:44pm 
It has to do with where the Steam version keeps your saves vs the normal, retail version. It would be nice if Popcap would fix it, but now that EA bought them it'll never happen.
Quickpaw Jun 21 @ 6:11pm 
I didn't even know this was a feature.. Has anyone looked into cooking up a scheduled task for this so you don't have to run it manually?
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