The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
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by TattooDavid
The LOTR: War in the North: Crash fix, no driver change AMD
LOTR: War in the North Crash fix no driver changes required...
War in the North Alchemy Guide
by Deisophia
A guide to crafting potions and consumables in War in the North. Including a table of ingredients and combinations...
Руководство по достижениям в The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
by vospominatel
Долгожданное руководство по достижениям в The Lord of the Rings: War in the North....
[ITA/ENG] How to resolve crashes on AMD cards
by EMENIKE * CMStorm
Guida contenente vari trucchetti per risolvere vari crash che non permettono di continuare a giocare. Guide containing some tricks to resolve some crashes that wouldn't let you finish the game....
The Lidless Eye - Achievement Screenshots Guide
by LuKyno ツ
This guide will help you to find all locations where you can pick up all 7 Lidless Eye scrolls. Feel free to leave comments with tips to help me improve this and future guides. Voting is voluntary ツ Thanks and enjoy!...
by Makrophag
Здесь описаны все сторонние квесты, которые вы можете получить на протяжении всей игры....
Farin of Erebor (The Champion)
by Ank
Hello people, you all know Farin right? Farin can be the most powerful characters in The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Why? It's because his "explosive crossbow" ability which I myself think is kinda overpowered if compared with the mounted crossbo...
WitN General Guide + Farin In-Depth (Solo+Co-Op)
by MarioVX
A short guide on the game War in the North, preparing the reader to beat the game on all difficulties in singleplayer with Farin. I kept it as short as possible, providing some tips on how to best skill, equip and play him for a safe and easy playthroug...
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