Joint Operations: Combined Arms

Joint Operations: Combined Arms

TumanWK Jan 14, 2013 @ 2:31pm
International Conflict Mod
I see no one has posted in here while I was exploring Steam. I do not have any questions or major concerns.

I just wanted to submit some information to the community.

Veterans of the game have probably played in, or have heard of the International Conflict Tournament also known as IC or ICJO.

For theose who have purchased Joint Operations, during the many wonderful sales Steam/Valve offers online, I want to inform you of a wonderful community and friendly (as friendly as you can get playing a war simulator game) Tournament.

International Conflict, is a Military Structured Tournament.

We have
  • Air Calvery Units
  • Air Assault
  • Airborne
  • Infantry
  • Armored
  • Light Armored Units.

    There will be two Generals, one for each Army... battles take place once a week on Sundays. These battles are from 10AM EST (NYC Time) / 15:00 GMT (London Time). Often ending at 8PM EST/ 00:00 GMT. Roughly 9 hours. You are not expected to play all 9 hours, and are welcome to play as many battles as you are capable of playing each week. Of course the more the better, as it may give your Army the edge that week. We have some players who join late, and others who leave early.

    This is as the name implies an International Tournament. We welcome any and all players, no matter the language, nationality, creed, or sex. This is a mature community, respectful of others (or as close as you can get - remember this is a war simulator).

    We are using new servers, recently (last year I believe) changed, and our website/forums are seperate from other similar tournaments (a past issue we had). We have a new website, which may have been an issue for older player of the Tournament that have been away for a while:

    Language: If you do not speak English, well how are you reading this??? If you have a friend, or relative who does not speak English but plays Joint Operations, they are welcome to join. We only request there be someone who can translates for them. This is often not an issue, but helps us co-ordinate our attacks and other stratagies better.

    Server size: This is a wonderful game, with our mod we can support 200+ players at a time. Map terrain is huge (if you ever played Delta Force or Joint Operations, you already know this).

    Maps and Weapons: We use a Nova approved* MOD which includes more weapons, options for personalizing your loadouts, additional buildings and decorations, some new terrain, and lots of fun! Current MOD = Total IC MOD or TIC MOD

    For more information check out the website: International Conflict Tournament [] or visit us on Team Speak 3 @

    I am sure you can find someone who can answer your questions.

    This is a "not for profit" server, all money goes to running the server and the community.

    Campaign #30 is expected to start June 2013, before each campaign we have open fun days where anyone who downloads the MOD can join the fun each Sunday. Again feel free to visit the website or TS3 server.

    I will try to answer any questions I can here, but I am just a regualr player and not an admin, so some questions will better asked on the website or in TS3 server.

    I read the Rules and Guildlines here, and this post falls within the rules. The website forums are free to use, as is TS3. I am just informing a gaming community of additional options to increase there gaming happiness during a troubling economy. Also, if they likethe game, they may purchase or have friends purchase more copies of the game on Steam. Which will lead to more users on Steam and more sales.
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TumanWK Jan 14, 2013 @ 2:49pm 
Sorry, while typing on the laptop, the mousepad auto highlighted my entire message and I accidentally retyped over it, losing most of my message.

We divide the Army based on the unit you request, or are assigned to. Each unit will have it's own chain of command, as will the Army.

Each General will have the own HCO staff, and each unit will have their own commanding officers. Units will be divided up in TS3, whispers and/or channel commander will be used to communicate between amies.

Generals are rotated (new ones selected) each campaign. We have had players become Generals of an Army after only a couple campaigns.

I myself have just returned after taking serval months off for school. I logged into my account, selected an Army and joined. I completed a few basic requirements (listed on forums) and was in game playing the next day. For new players, it may take a little longer (download the free mod, download/set up TS3, create name on Novaworld/in-game showing rank and unit, etc,)
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>amd amx Feb 1, 2013 @ 2:24pm 
You call this game a friendly community? I got it when it first came ou and it was fine, soem years alter in 2007-2008 i reinstalled seemed fine, stopped after some months playing it, got it again on steam earlier 2012 since my disk doesnt work anymore, and the first game i join i get bashed on by everyone for beng the alternate account of some other guy i dont even know, and appearntly who ever start the rumor is a "respectable" person of the community, because only 1 guy took my side, havent palyed this great game since, have no drive too. etc....
TumanWK Feb 10, 2013 @ 3:34pm 
You are talking about public servers, I was not talking about a pubby server. The post was in reference to the community, not the Novaworld community.

For anyone who is interested check out the forums, check out our server during the week when it's open to public players as a Public Server: -AAS-ICJO Fruit Bowl

Sorry to hear you had problems using an alternate account of someone you do not even know, maybe using your own account you will have better results.
TumanWK May 18, 2013 @ 3:15am 
Just an update, May 19 and May 26 are fun days open to anyone interested. We will be testing maps we plan to use for the IC-30 campaign.

I will update this but I believe our Sunday Server is called ICJO Battle Day Server and our regular Public server Monday thru Saturday is -AAS-ICJO Fruit Bowl.
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hey i need help, i installed ic mode and its saying "this does not appear to be in your joint ops directory"? i forgot how to fix this, i need some help.
TumanWK Dec 26, 2014 @ 8:11pm 
It's a registry thing. It's probably best to check International Conflict forum to see if they have the newer Steam version available. Or if you're smart enough find and fix the registry.
Originally posted by Shhh!:
It's a registry thing. It's probably best to check International Conflict forum to see if they have the newer Steam version available. Or if you're smart enough find and fix the registry.

it has to do with copying the novic folder i tink and making a copy and pasting it somewhere else, i just got a new pc and i cant find novic in the steam folder.

Edit: I found the more recent IC download. so far its working so its ok.
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Martin Steele Jan 2, 2015 @ 7:37pm 
Is the IC Tournament still going? I looked at the forums and they appear long dead.
Originally posted by Hicks_206:
Is the IC Tournament still going? I looked at the forums and they appear long dead.
Whats the IC tournament? there are still servers (IC) with people in em, ie co op mostly.
Martin Steele Jan 3, 2015 @ 4:47am 
The original post explains what the IC Tournament is. I used to participate - YEEEARRS ago.
Originally posted by Hicks_206:
The original post explains what the IC Tournament is. I used to participate - YEEEARRS ago.
yeah i dont think theirs enough people to do that.. so im guessing its probaly not been done.
Charlie Jun 17, 2015 @ 12:19pm 
I miss ICJO. -Payne
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TumanWK Jun 19, 2015 @ 6:47pm 
Forums were down the other day, hopefully they can get them fixed.

Waiting for Project Reality's game they are working on called Squad.

Kick Starter campaign should be over on June 26, and hopefully the closed Alpha will begin in a few weeks after that.

It's the closest we will get to a Joint Ops styled game, unless Nova pulls their heads out their $&%^#.
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Devilmedic Dec 28, 2016 @ 11:45pm 
the turnament was moved to TIC :
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