crankigeek 2013年3月28日 10時58分
Stuck in windowed mode
Bought this during a sale at half price. Installed and working ok but while my son and his friend were playing it some how escaped from fullscreen mode to a windowed mode that I can't seem to exit out of, anyone else had the problem and able to fix?
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crankigeek 2013年3月28日 13時43分 
Found the problem. The game had crashed at one point so I added compatibility settings to the game exe which once removed fixed the problem. Trouble is if the game keeps crashing I can't try any compatibility options as it will force the windowed mode again it seems
fruitykaputi 2014年1月9日 17時25分 
how do you do that? my game keeps crashing and i wonder if that might fix it.
crankigeek 2014年1月10日 14時34分 
look for the actual game executable file in program files - steam - steamapps - common or somewhere like that. You then right-click on the file <filename>.exe and from the properties dialog choose compatibility and set it, say for Windows 7 or Vista. You'll notice that the game won't run in fullscreen anymore once you set it, it's not a major issue though.
auchChris 2014年4月17日 7時57分 
press alt + enter
this switches fullscreen to window mode and back
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