falmunction 2012年10月17日 11時42分
Difficulty selection
Hello there,

I have a problem with this game. There is no difficulty selection like in the old game. I didn’t mind it in my first playthrough because somehow the game started me out with hard difficulty.
However, when I started playing a second time for the audio commentary, I was playing in easy mode all of a sudden. What’s wrong here? Am I missing something obvious?

Kind regards,
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Hoxtoquin [Minewack] 2012年11月15日 19時46分 
I don't know what you mean. I don't remember a Hard or Easy mode...
falmunction 2012年11月16日 7時59分 
Kiosk14(SoR) の投稿を引用:
I don't know what you mean. I don't remember a Hard or Easy mode...

In the old Monkey Island 2 there is a difficulty selection screen at the start before Elaine finds you hanging. If you selected hard difficulty, there would be more puzzles throughout the game. Example: When you collect ingredients for Largo's voodoo doll, in easy mode you get his skin flakes from his head by simply collecting his toupée.
With hard difficulty though, you have to convince Mad Marty to give you Largo's dirty laundry (which is quite hilarious).

As long as I'm stuck in easy mode, I'm deprived of gameplay such as this.
Papaya 2012年11月19日 9時07分 
You can only play in Hard mode. For some reason they decided to remove the easier version in the Special Edition.
falmunction 2012年11月24日 15時29分 
Sorry, I mixed this one up. In easy mode, you'd get a clean white shirt instead of having to do the Mad Marty puzzle. The toupée is in both versions.

So yes, you're all right. There is only hard difficulty in the Special Edition. Thank you.
CeScO85 2013年6月12日 14時03分 
as Papaya said there is only "hard" mode avaiable altho is more fun, or you will lose the spit race and the rest..
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