Haggis McMutton 2013年7月13日 11時00分
how to delete savegames
hi there :) I just noticed that the used Steam Cloud for Monkey Island 2 SE overpasses the available so I would like to know how to delete savegames to free memory
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Haggis McMutton 2013年7月13日 13時19分 
oops... sorry... I just noticed that the second number is for the STILL available steam cloud memory... so nothing overpassed nothing... sorry again ^^"
Haggis McMutton 2013年7月13日 13時24分 
still, I can't find the savegames... can you tell me where they are?
Haggis McMutton 2013年7月13日 15時43分 
ok I found them... sorry for all the mess...
KcDaRookie | Semf :3 2013年7月21日 11時01分 
Maybe you could share where you found 'em, thanks in advance.
Haggis McMutton 2013年8月23日 12時25分 
sorry for the delay.
The post that solved it all is in the Steam forums:

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