Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition
Llama Inspector 2013年12月6日下午3:48
Product Activation
I bought this game retail and can't activate it on steam. Can you only activate Valve games?
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Mr. Maksim 2013年12月7日上午2:01 
Sorry don `t know how to help you in this matter
swenor 2013年12月21日下午12:46 
Please make some efforts to find RETAIL KEYS ACTIVATION Valve official FAQ. Google is an excellent search engine.
Llama Inspector 2013年12月21日下午1:12 
If I wanted to google it, I would have googled it. Thanks anyways!
Ericrct 2013年12月27日下午4:48 
You proaobly can't activate it through steam cause it may not be a steam version of the game. You may have to activate it standalone.
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