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TJkiwi [2MEF] May 3 @ 4:23pm
xbox controller
unable to use my wireless controller on windows 8.1 I plug it into the USB port and I am getting no response.
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Caboose May 3 @ 4:24pm 
Have you downloaded the drivers from the Microsoft website for the controller?
TJkiwi [2MEF] May 3 @ 4:30pm 
they dont have drivers compatable for windows 8.1
. the highest it goes to is windows 7
Caboose May 3 @ 4:30pm 
That would be the issue.
TJkiwi [2MEF] May 3 @ 4:39pm 
BmoreBraap May 3 @ 7:42pm 
I have windows 8 and am using wireless 360 controller...didnt upgrade to 8.1 though
Bones May 3 @ 7:59pm 
Using Win 8 and a wireless xbox controller here as well with no issues
Striped May 3 @ 8:07pm 
You need a wireless adaptor, plugging in with the play and charge does not make it wired, also download drivers if you do not have the disc or windows can download it for you when plugged in.
mad_scar May 4 @ 3:55am 
@TJkiwi no worries mate i can confirm that 360 wireless pad works on Win 8.1, just force(no pun intened) install Win 7 drivers and you are good to go. Might require system restart to take effect. Have fun:)
ATE412 May 4 @ 5:30am 
Does this game have controllrer support or are you mapping the buttons with a third party program?
BmoreBraap May 4 @ 6:30am 
No mapping needed, just select 360 controller as control input on the game launcher and its good to go.
TJkiwi [2MEF] May 4 @ 4:46pm 
its still not working
BmoreBraap May 4 @ 5:12pm 
is your controller working with other games?
TJkiwi [2MEF] May 4 @ 9:29pm 
no its not working at all.
Rhenthyl May 4 @ 9:37pm 
have you checked your controller on another machine to see if it's not dead?
TJkiwi [2MEF] May 4 @ 9:50pm 
yeah dude its fine. Its the reciever. I do have a wireless reciever
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