Move or Die

Move or Die

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The game's initials are "MOD"
Browse through awesome characters, levels, modes, etc... Or make your own, time to get creative! Learn how to make your own mod > | Note: Mods do not work in online games
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Recent Announcements
Workshop Update is now LIVE!
Welcome to the world of modding!
Check out the Workshop update's page[]

The new workshop update is now live and it focuses on mods!
It's time to change the contents of the game, here is a list of new features:
  • LEVEL EDITOR - Craft your own levels!
  • Steam Workshop - Time to make mods more accessible, publish and download mods from the workshop.
  • Mod manager - In-game mod manager, easily toggle mods on and off and keep track of them without getting your hands dirty with moving files.
  • Modding Wiki - No more reverse-engineering, check out the in-depth modding wiki!
  • Daily Challenges - A new way to play Move or Die. Go against AI bots in a survival-type game where you earn badges that you can showoff in online matches!
  • New Game Modes - Hat Chase, Ghost Scare, Jump Shot... enough said.
  • Some other stuff - New particle effects, improved .level file system and video playback support in-engine.

+ A ton of bug fixes...

It's time to stop reading this and start modding!

Keep being awesome![]