Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
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Here is how to get Jedi Knight working - from a JK veteran
by Corran2015
Working with other members of this 15 year old game's community, I've distilled down exactly what you need to get this game running on modern systems, including a patch for graphics, and port forwarding information to make it playable online....
FIXING and further Improvements of JK: DF2 for Steam (Link Originally Posted By: Crevanien)
by General Vandarius/KainiaKaria
FIXING and further Improvements of JK: DF2 for Steam _____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________...
Have Screen Problem?
by [ROP]Jamebonds1^5
Screen problem? I have recently installed my ATI 7770 video card, upgraded from Intel. I running my Dark Force II fine until I turn on 3D mode 16 bit resolution and then have display issued. I found the problem is I'm having missing .dll so I Google it ...
Some of the best pages to download Mods for the Jedi Knight Games
by JaMyZPunchThis Why u punch you?
Hello to all! :) I create this Guide mainly to help those guys who wonder from where people came out with those cool maps and really cool mods, well i will start with some pages i use to give to you the sources for get this cool things in your Jedi Out...
Add a Custom Resolution! ( AMD )
by aRadiatedN00dle
An attempt at writing a guide that will show users with an AMD GPU how to add custom resolutions to Dark Forces 2. I'm unsure if this can be done with Nvidia, but if it is possible, I'd imagine it'd be done in a similar manner to what is written in this g...
Guia de Instalación en Español para Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
by V.O.M.I.T.O.N. y yo
Guia para instalar los parches necesarios para hacer funcionar correctamente el juego en unos pocos minutos. ...