The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

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beEZ Dec 29, 2012 @ 1:06pm
First of all, I am sorry for my english if I make some mistakes.

I bought this game because I heard good stuff about it and being interested in adventure puzzle games with inventory managment, I thought it would be great. However, I am disappointed. I base this comment on the remake of the game and not the first one (old school version). There are just so many things that are poorly made that makes the game frustrating and made me uninstall it and not wanna replay it anymore.

On the good side:

- I like the idea (story)
- graphics are quite nice
- hints are rather obvious and easy to get if you are stuck

Now the bad things that irritate me:

- You can't skip the animations. Example: You have to wait for the merchant to go upstairs get the papers for the credit in the safe and return downstairs, each time you ask him for credit. It takes very longtime taknig into consideration that you have like 5 or 6 diferent options in the dialog box.

Another example would be the fight scene in the mayors house, takes like 2 minutes and I had no idea of what was going on for the first 30 seconds...

- The scroll is broken. Example: I scroll down or up mousewheel looking to perform a certain action, for example I want to push a barrel, well sometimes the "push" hand will show sometimes it won't. I have to press F10 to go to old school GUI in order to perform certain actions because of this.

-Another thing is the fact that the dialog box is sometimes broken. Again, at the merchant store, I ask for credit, he refuses after I tell him what my occupation is, now I do not know what to do next, I press H for hint, it tells me to ask him again for credit, I try to but the option in the dialog box is not there anymore (confused), I realise I have to go outside and come back in the shop and now there it if going out the shop for 1 second would make the merchant think I went to get another job and am already back...

- Some things just do not work no matter what. Example: I try to open the safe while merchant is not in the shop, no matter if I use Push, or Pull, or Use or whatever, the lever seems to turn always in the same direction. I press push, it goes the right way, now I press pull to turn it back where it was, nop still goes the same way it went the first time, hence no way of opening it. I am not new to this kind of games, so I am not really a "noob". The game is just better played in original 8bit, the remake looks good but in terms of playability it sux

-There are also a few bugs but nothing major

I will try and play monkey island 2, the first one was a waste of money for me.

P.S. This is based on personal experience and do not mean that the game is bad and that you should not buy it, but these are some things to expect if you wish to play the remake.
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swingline Jan 12, 2013 @ 11:53pm 
just some comments. I had trouble with the safe handle, but found using the "s" and "y" keys for push/pull worked more reliably. Moving the rock/lever thing worked better using "s" and "y" keys also for push/pull.

I also found using the "v" key to bring up the "verb" window was useful when selecting different actions - especially when I couldn't remember the correct hotkey. I do think learning the hotkeys helps in many situations.

I'm not sure about animations, but I was thinking the backspace key might skip through some of it.

The mayor's house fight was kindof dumb, but I think that was the point. It was making fun of all of the crazy things some games in the adventure genre would have you do to complete a mission. I can't remember the text now, but many of the things were of the "who would've ever thought to do that?" variety that adventure games tend to relish for some reason.

fwiw, the boat salesman was the most annoying segment for me - but I think the haggling and exasperating nature of the haggling (I kept coming back to try to get him to sell me the boat before I figured out what I needed to do) played on the experience of buying a used car - and how much most people hate to haggle like that.
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