Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

cioran 2012年11月1日 13時20分
Serviceable HOG series....
I prefer the Alawar stuff (more adventure game-y and some of their HOGs have stories), but if you like HOGs and don't care very much about the story, you could do worse.

Incidentally. my mother loves the games, so the AARP crowd might like it. BigFish has a bunch of people that love the series too.
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Trunchbull 2013年6月17日 13時56分 
Since this is the only thread. . . U:

I personally love these types of games. BigFish is the pimp for these types of games, and it's amazing how nice everything can look while solidifying a puzzle-based game. :D It's a good thing they're on sale here.
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