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MAD-MAN-REBORN 2012年10月14日下午2:42
NEED HELP! it wont open :(
I played the demo and loved it so i bought it and it downloaded like normal and then i tried to open it and it came up with the steam loading thing then it disapears and i expect to go into the game but nothing happens :/ can someone please help?
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JustSoja 2012年10月17日下午4:39 
Hey kyle,

Could you try restarting Steam and verify the game cache?
Go to your game library, right click properties on IG:Warlord, go to the local files tab and hit the "Verify integrity of game cache..."

Also, did you bought the base game or just the dlc? (just asking to be sure).

If you can't get it fixed I'll have a look at it at work tomorrow ;)

SojaBird - Community member @ ISOTX.
MAD-MAN-REBORN 2012年10月30日上午5:21 
AH thanks ^^ its working well now :) sorry i didnt get back to you sooner aha but yeah THANK YOU
JustSoja 2012年10月31日上午10:57 
No problem good it works :)
Cheers and have fun!
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